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Invasion: Online War Game Will Thrill the General in You

Invasion: Online War Game Will Thrill the General in You

Invasion: Online War Game
Price: Free
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Reviewed by Bo Jansavikj

Reviewed by Bo Jansavikj

Invasion is a strategy game created by the popular top developers “tap4fun” who already produced some magnificent games for both iOS and Android.

I have to say that I had a hard time putting it down, it’s one of the best strategy games that I’ve played in years.

Concept and Gameplay

It is a strategy and a war simulation in one, but also it is a real-time game.

You will compete with other players and you need to build your own empire and military if you want to rule the world. In order to rule the world you can ally with your friends or family members and conquer the world faster.

It is one of the most liked strategy games on Google Play right now. The games has average 4.3 average rating and has over 20k Facebook likes.

The game has the gameplay of the classic strategy games, but goes a step further in graphics, effects and sound track.

The story line of the game just adds up to the whole exciting atmosphere. According to Invasion it is the year 2020 and it is post-apocalyptic era. So, you need to compete with your rivals in order to survive and get the power and domination in this hard and extremely chaotic new age.

The goal of the game is to conquer the world and the game offers wide variety of features that are making Invasion one of the best strategy games at the moment.

Invasion: Online War Game Android Game

Invasion: Online War Game Android Game

First of all you will build anything using resources. You can get this resources naturally by collecting them, or you can attack your enemies and steal it from them.

Graphics and Design

The game looks amazing and stunning on the flagship smartphones and tablets. It is a 3D game and you will be amazed of how some buildings, weapons and planes will look like.

The panoramic map looks stunning! Everything is well thought and graphically appealing. That is why Invasion is first of all a very attractive game.

You can also collect intelligence from them and that can really give you a great advantage over them. Invasion also features important monuments.

You can fight in huge monuments with other players in the so called Monument Wars. You can create diplomatic relationships with your friends or family members that play the game, but also with any other player that you see is fit to be your ally.

Overall Value

Invasion is a well-thought, nicely created and extremely interesting strategy game. It is one of those games that users will love due to originality, graphics, story line and game play.

It has so many interesting features and details that we are sure you will never get bored.

On top of that the game is played real time with other players. You can get allies and compete with other players and that is making the things extremely interesting.

The app is an easy recommendation since it’s free on Google Play. It can offer you hours and days of pure and widely entertaining Android gaming.

invasion-qrInvasion: Online War Game requires Android version 3.0+. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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