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PGPTools:  For Spies and Commoners Alike

PGPTools: For Spies and Commoners Alike


Price: $1.14
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Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

If you’re in the need of an Android application that can effortlessly and easily help you send along text with a stiff bit of encryption, then man have we got the app for you!

PGPTools is a top-notch PGP implementation and is fit for use in any and all CIA-style applications, though we imagine most users will probably just want to have it transmit private texts.

No matter if you’re hunkered down in a bunker in Central American texting pick-up coordinates, or just arranging a night out with friends, PGPTools, from SJ Software, will be happy to take-up the encryption slack.

If that’s got your interested piqued, then head on down below the break for our full rundown of this time-saving application.

Concept and Functionality

The entire idea behind PGPTools rests on the concept of PGP encryption. For those that don’t know how this works, it’s really quite simple. Users sending data to each other use a thing called a key, which must be identical on both ends for the encryption to be decoded. For instance, if you send a text message to a user with a different PGP key than the one used to encrypt the message, it wont’ work. Both have to match, and when they do, it’s easy peasy.

This kind of technology rests behind all sorts of online code repositories like GitHub and BitBucket. But thanks to the swell service that is PGPTools, you can actually use it yourself!

The app makes using PGP encryption incredibly simple.

PGPTools Android App

PGPTools Android App

With only two clicks, you can have a message encrypted and ready to send. It’s pretty impressive stuff. Just boot up PGPTools, type in the message you’d like handled, and then hit the button to encrypt it. Now that information is ready to be sent out into the broader world. Now how simple is that?

All in all, PGPTools does a remarkable thing: It takes high-tech tools and puts them into user friendly bundles. That’s a good idea to use any day of the week, and we’re happy to see it here!

Design and Interface

Now, PGPTools isn’t the best looking app we have ever seen on the Android Platform. However, and this is important, it is certainly far from the worst.

We have had zero problems using the functionality included here, and in fact, we found the interface rather succinct in design. Nothing is hard to get to, and everything can truly be handled in a few clicks.

So PGPTools doesn’t come with flashy graphics or bright colors. We’re willing to live with that in return for a little bit of quick and easy encryption! Not to mention the fact that—

Overall Value

PGPTools is one heck of a bargain, no matter how you slice it. The app is only $1.14 in the Android App Store, which is certainly worth it to us. Even if you’d like to play with higher levels of encryption for your text messages, this is an ideal way to get it taken care of. Check out SJ Software’s website.

The app is well-designed, if not flashy, offers everything it says it does, and can make your life infinitely more secure.

Overall, we see no reason not to call PGPTools a roaring bargain, as well as a great addition to just about any Android device. 

qrcode.31410605PGP Tools requires Android version 4.0+. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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