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Ultimate Battery Saver HD Extends Your Battery Life

Ultimate Battery Saver HD Extends Your Battery Life

Ultimate Battery Saver HD
Price: Free
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Reviewed by John Chau

Ultimate Battery Saver HD is a “gotta have” app that helps prolong your Android’s battery life by making you aware of the quick-draining apps on your Android.

Do you suspect the Facebook app might be draining your phone’s battery? Check it out with this app and see for yourself.

Developed by Little Frog Inc., Ultimate Battery Saver HD will save your battery and help optimize your Android’s battery life.


Ultimate Battery Saver HD offers numerous neat features, with the main feature being its proprietary algorithm that helps quickly identify apps that tend to quickly drain your Android’s battery life.

Its Quick Battery Saver tool is particularly useful and includes a simple tap-to-enable Optimize button, which will disable all unnecessary apps running in the background and thus add time to your battery life.

Ultimate Battery Saver HD also gives you the option to view your Android’s In-Depth Logs and see the plugged, unplugged, and discharging history of your device. This In-Depth Log can be exported to a .CSV file and viewed as an Excel spreadsheet.

Two other useful features incorporated into Ultimate Battery Saver HD are its Toggle Page that lets you quickly turn on or off various settings (e.g. WiFi, GPS, Auto-sync, etc.) and its friendly little Widget that can be added onto the home screen, allowing you to easily see how much battery life is remaining on your device.

Ultimate Battery Saver HD Android App

Ultimate Battery Saver HD Android App

Overall, Ultimate Battery Saver HD functions like the majority of other battery optimizing and saving apps, but its ease of use and Quick Battery Saver help give it a leg up over the others.

Appearance and Layout

This app is similar in its style to other battery savers, but its yellow and gray color scheme actually tends to make it more aesthetically pleasing than the common blue (or green) and black often seen.

Upon tapping Info, a large battery fills the screen signaling how much life is left (via both a percentage nearby and the fill-level on the battery), a small clock shows how much time is left until it is drained, and a small power plug shows when it was last unplugged.

Several other smaller icons signify the operating temperature, output (in volts), and whether or not its in “Good Health.”

Overall, we love how the appearance and layout of Ultimate Battery Saver HD is classy and simple to use.


The value of Ultimate Battery Saver HD is remarkable since it is completely free.  However, it does occasionally show ads when Optimize Now is tapped. Is it the best battery saver app out there? Try it and let us know what you think.

Overall, given that this free battery saver is only 5 MB and has the potential to save your Android’s battery life during everyday use, we think that Ultimate Battery Saver HD is well worth the download.

Ultimate Battery Saver HD requires Android 4.0. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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