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Lang BridgeApp Instantly Translates Your IMs

Lang BridgeApp Instantly Translates Your IMs

Lang BridgeApp
Price: Free
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Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

I still remember the days when AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) was the go to way to connect with friends and family. Instant messaging is far from extinct, but it certainly isn’t as common as it used to be.

Lang BridgeApp is a step into the future. It allows users to connect via instant message with a very interesting twist; the app features a built-in translator that breaks down language barriers instantaneously.

Concept and Functionality

I’ve never come across anything like Lang BridgeApp in the past, but it’s such a great idea.

How many times have you met an exchange student at school or friend on a videogame, but you found it hard to communicate with them because English was their second language or they didn’t speak English at all?

Getting started with Lang BridgeApp is as easy as creating an account and finding friends to chat with. When creating your account, you can choose your preferred language from a long list of supported ones.

This is the language that messages you receive will be translated to. Once your account is all set to go, you can immediately add friends by searching for them.

Lang BridgeApp Android App

Lang BridgeApp Android App

The primary goal of Lang BridgeApp is to allow users to communicate effortlessly, and I’m happy to say that I found the interface to be incredibly easy to navigate and use.

Everything about Lang BridgeApp is very straightforward and the chat window is sleek and clean.


Lang BridgeApp includes all of the features you would expect from a social networking app. For example, push notifications keep you up to date for when a friend request has been sent or accepted, as well as when you receive a new message from someone.

Another cool thing is group chat support, or Huddle, which allows you to chat with more than two friends at once.

Lang BridgeApp also includes a link to an online store where users have a chance of winning $1 million by purchasing items.

This is completely optional, but I was a bit disappointed to see that the Google Play page for the app is almost exclusively dedicated to detailing this contest and not highlighting features of the app itself.


Lang BridgeApp is available to download from Google Play for free and doesn’t include in-app purchases. The only money you’ll spend is if you choose to enter the contest by purchasing items.

Overall, Lang BridgeApp is a must-have app for anyone who has ever encountered a language barrier and would like to communicate via instant messenger without worrying about not getting their message across.

Translation quality is good enough where user should be able to understand what the other person is saying, so I definitely recommend checking it out!

lang_bridgeapp.jpgLang BridgeApp requires Android 3.0+. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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