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RotoView Photo Viewer is Photo Scrolling Magic

RotoView Photo Viewer is Photo Scrolling Magic

RotoView Photo Viewer
Price: Free
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Reviewed by John Chau

RotoView Photo Viewer is a unique photo viewer that lets you zoom around large photos by simply tilting your phone.

It essentially does away with the old-fashioned touch-and-drag approach for viewing your magnified photos. Say goodbye to the oily smudges that get left on your screen after showing your friends your gnarly adventure photos.

With RotoView Photo Viewer all you need to do is to tilt your phone up, down, or side-to-side and it will automatically scroll around your image.

Developed by Innoventions, Inc., RotoView Photo Viewer is a free app that uses RotoView’s Smart Scrolling technology to help make your photo viewing more interesting and fun.


RotoView Photo Viewer’s main feature is its browser and tilt-based image scroller.

You simply open the app, select a photo to view, zoom in on it, activate the RotoView Scrolling by shaking your device. Then, Voilà!

Tilting your device starts the Throw gesture that speedily scrolls your image faster than you could try to swipe with your finger and the Glide gesture (which follows immediately after the Throw gesture) slowly scrolls around your image in response to the direction of your tilt.

The settings can be easily changed for a higher or lower sensitivity or speed, and one can tap the question mark icon to see a tutorial on how to use RotoView Photo Viewer.

RotoView Photo Viewer also has the option to be used in either Continuous or Single Hand (Non-Continuous) modes, as well as in a Proportional Scroll Mode that is proportional to the rotation of the phone.

The Continuous mode, activated when your finger is pressed on the screen for longer than a second, allows you to scroll as long as you’re touching the screen and will stop once you’re no longer touching it.

RotoView Photo Viewer also has a suspend function that allows you to drag around the image without needing to turn RotoView scrolling off.

RotoView Photo Viewer Android App

Overall, RotoView Photo Viewer functions well and seems to be geared more for the tech-savvy individual (as evidenced by its rather lengthy online tutorial) rather than for the average casual user.

Appearance and Layout

RotoView Photo Viewer doesn’t act like any other photo viewing app because its unique image scrolling sets it apart as a bit futuristic.

The appearance is simple and since it’s based on the Android stock Gallery app, is rather plain.

The layout is plain as well, and keeps the image as the primary thing on the screen without lots of toolbars or icons.

Overall, we love how seamless the appearance and layout of RotoView Photo Viewer is and how it presents a unique opportunity to show off your photos to friends and clients.


RotoView Photo Viewer is completely free! It does have a small learning curve (and several in-depth setting menus), but don’t let that stop you from checking it out. If you do, let us know your thoughts on it below in the comments.

Overall, at only 3.2 MB and offering such a unique way to view your photos, we think that RotoView Photo Viewer is well worth a download.

RotoView Photo Viewer requires Android 4.0. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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