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Secure MMX Encrypted Messenger: Bringing Easy Encryption to the Masses

Secure MMX Encrypted Messenger: Bringing Easy Encryption to the Masses


Secure MMX Encrypted Messenger
Price: Free
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Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

In recent years, we’ve seen a whole lot of emphasis within the app community on making sure your data is safe. And after all, why not? With so many privacy concerns out there these days, it makes sense that the average user is now taking a more private approach to their communication needs.

Case in point, SecureMMX provides an ideal way for those looking for some privacy to send fully encrypted, 100% secure messages — without any of the attached hassle.

The app provides a fabulously easy method of transferring data, and with a free price tag to boot.

If that’s got you interested, then slide on down below the break for a full breakdown of the app!

Concept and Functionality

At its core, SecureMMX is designed to do only one thing, and it strives to do it better than anyone else: send your data in such a way that at no point can it be stolen or read without your expressed permissions. Which, considering how easy it is to break into the standard messaging tools, is quite a feat.

After all, think about all the ways your texts can be seen. Someone might read them in your phone’s notifications, or even open your phone itself and have a look. Someone on the receiving end could do the same. And with so many points between here and there, all that data is just begging to be pegged.

Enter SecureMMX: the app uses two-way encryption to guarantee that, no matter what, your texts will not be tampered with.

It does this by putting an encryption key pair on those messages at the front-end, and using it again at delivery to decipher the text. Because this method is so secure, even the app itself cannot read your messages.

Secure MMX Android App

Secure MMX Android App

To back this up, the app also comes with standard security features like a locking PIN code. There’s Auto Delete that will take care of lingering messages, as well as the option to wipe your screen (and even your partner’s) at any time.

Lastly, with no metadata involved at all, you know that your stuff is secure from remote probing or reporting.

Design and Interface

We’ve seen a lot of these kinds of apps, but to be perfectly frank, SecureMMX is perhaps the best designed. It’s not a cartoony, secured version of SnapChat.

It looks and feels like a robust, 100% safe texting mechanism. Ordinarily, we like the hipster-y start-up feel, but in this case, we adore the professionalism.

Better still, the app is a cinch to get up and running. We had no problems putting it into gear, and everything we could possibly need was only a swipe or a tap away. Truly, this is a well-designed utility.

Overall Value

To add a cherry right on top, SecureMMX is also completely free to try at your leisure! As a free app in the Google Play Store, there’s no reason not to snag it, especially if you’ve been feeling less and less secure with your current texting provider.

Take it from us —we have rarely seen a more secure app, and we’re fairly confident we’ve not seen a better-designed option. Making SecureMMX the ideal solution for those with a security problem.

qrcode.32156492Secure MMX Encrypted Messenger requires Android version 4.0+. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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  1. A solid effort from these guys. It’s clean UI and simple easy to use. Group chat would be nice

  2. This is pretty cool ! Just the right functionality without too much bloat

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