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Call Cheaply with Vinota:  Cheap International Calls App

Call Cheaply with Vinota: Cheap International Calls App

Vinota : Cheap International Calls
Price: Free
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Reviewed by John Chau

Vinota : Cheap International Calls is a mobile Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) app that keeps you in touch with family and friends by offering cheap call rates no matter where in the world you call.

It enables you to stay in constant contact with your loved ones by avoiding those roaming charges that so often plague the international traveler.

Because it’s a VoIP app, with Vinota, you don’t have to get a new SIM card or need an unlocked, international phone.

Developed by Vinota Cheap Calls and TEXT, Cheap International Calls makes calling international numbers easy and affordable.


Vinota’s main feature is its low VoIP call rates that are much cheaper than most mobile phone providers charge. Vinota also promises that it will provide crystal clear voice quality, never drop calls and that  it has the  lowest call rates to any country in the world.

The feature in Vinota : Cheap International Calls that we liked the most is its ability to bypass VoIP blocking by countries without requiring the use of a separate VPN.

Vinota : Cheap International Calls Android App Review

We also liked that besides great quality calls low cost calls, you use your own phone number and it can send SMS messages directly to a recipient’s cell phone number (unlike Whatsapp which requires the recipient to also have the app).

Overall, we found that Vinota : Cheap International Calls functions like many of the other VoIP apps out there in the Google Play Store, with the added bonus of being able to bypass VoIP blocking.

Appearance and Layout

Vinota : Cheap International Calls impresses with its clean, easy-to-use, and aesthetic simplicity. Upon first loading the app, one will be greeted with a basic account verification page before being taken to the dialpad.

The layout is smooth and the icons are pleasant. The screen isn’t cluttered  with useless information or ads and Cheap International Calls looks streamlined and well-made.

Overall, we enjoyed using the app particularly because of how smoothly it operated.


Vinota : Cheap International Calls is free to download and to make the first call. However, after that first call one must pay per minute with different rates for calls to different countries.

Calling rates range from 1 ¢/min to 19¢/min (or more), so although Vinota has low calling rates in comparison to your mobile service provider’s roaming fees, it’s worth checking what your cost will be for the specific country you call the most.

Overall, with high quality calls, low rates and credits that never expire, Vinota : Cheap International Calls is worth a try.

Vinota : Cheap International Calls requires Android 2.2. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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