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Press Release: Learn Your Favorite Hit Songs Quickly and Easily With Guitar Lessons for Beginner

Press Release: Learn Your Favorite Hit Songs Quickly and Easily With Guitar Lessons for Beginner

Guitar Lessons for Beginner
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November 18, 2015 – Paris, France Guitar Lessons for Beginner is the easiest and most effective way to learn to play the guitar. It’s a “must-have” cross-platform guitar instruction app for anyone trying to learn their favorite hit song or to become a better guitar player.

guitar1Guitar Lessons for Beginner, from Manomaya SA, takes an innovative visual approach that insures new guitar players, as well as those who are looking to improve their existing skills, are able to make the most of their practice time.

Success is assured through the use of the exclusive 5-color scheme to show students exactly what note to play with what finger, student-controlled pace of instruction, clear thorough video instruction from expert teachers, and hit songs that students are motivated to learn.

More and more students of guitar are going online or trying apps to try to learn to play the guitar on their own. Unfortunately most students just give up because they get bogged down in music theory or try using confusing guitar instruction videos.

Guitar Lessons for Beginner is different. It utilizes an innovative visual approach to provide students with everything they need: an exclusive 5-color scheme showing exactly what note to play with what finger and instructional videos with slow motion and looping modes that show expert teachers demonstrating the correct way to play each part of every song. Finally, to keep students motivated, they learn their favorite hit songs. And all this without ever getting into music theory.

Guitar Lessons for Beginner has an extensive library of classic and current hit songs that is constantly being updated.

guitar2The incredible effectiveness of this app is due to the fine level of student control and details that are expertly presented. The combination of self-paced step-by-step lessons, use of colorful animated frets showing note-by-note details, video lessons featuring slow motion and loop mode, accommodation of left or right handed players, and backing tracks with voices and lyrics gives students all the tools they need to succeed.

Guitar Lessons for Beginner has been downloaded over 4 million times because people have discovered how helpful it is for learning guitar. Users are raving about it with comments such as “Ideal! An excellent app. Simple, Complete and Intuitive. Nothing to add” and “Awesome app! It helps me see the proper fingering of the chords and I like that I can slow it down to a speed that is easier to follow”.

One of the great benefits of this outstanding app is that anyone who is trying to learn the guitar can use it anytime no matter which device they happen to have with them. iPhone? Check. iPad? Check. Android phone or tablet? Check. Windows Phone? Check.

Guitar Lessons for Beginner is available in 11 languages and can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store, Google Play, and the Windows App Store.


About the Developer:
Manomaya SA is bringing guitar learning a new approach, based on the simple fact that you can learn to play an instrument fully visually without knowing anything about musical theory, and most importantly taking immediate pleasure. We have created an easy-to-follow method that is strongly approved by professional guitar teachers and allows true learning and fast improvements. Using this on your mobile devices is the best way for you to learn. Grab your guitar wherever you are and start learning part of, or an entire song. We strongly believe that simplicity and mobility are the first ingredients of your creativity.


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Boris Douarre


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