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WavePad Master’s Edition: Your Virtual Sound Studio (via the Armchair)

WavePad Master’s Edition: Your Virtual Sound Studio (via the Armchair)

WavePad Master’s Edition
Price: $14.99
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Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Here at the Android Apps Review, we talk a lot about how the Android creative application market just isn’t quite on par with what iOS has to offer. Granted, there are easily dozens of areas where Android is clearly the superior OS. But still: if you’re looking to make movies, beats or photos, it can often be a crapshoot at the Google PlayStore.

Today, though, we get to talk about one of our new favorite creative tools.

WavePad Master’s Edition provides the average user with a clear, touch-friendly way to edit and record audio with your Android device.

This app from NCH Software comes packed with a healthy slab of features, and though the price tag is steep, it takes the operating system a long way toward total creative freedom.

For more, check our final cut below!

Concept and Functionality

It would be unfair to think of WavePad Master’s Edition as a direct GarageBand competitor for the Android platform.

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WavePad Master’s Edition Android App

Rather, let’s think of it as something more akin to Audacity for the desktop. It simply wants to provide the user with a quick, manageable digital audio workstation.

It also genuinely aims for one that’s simply controlled using just your fingers — considering we don’t have a mouse with Android OS, this makes a lot of sense.

The app does precisely what you’d expect: Which is a fantastic boon, here. You can import any audio clips you want, and then split, chop, move or otherwise mangle them as you wish.

All without needing tape and those pesky reels. However, the fun doesn’t stop there.

WavePad Master’s Edition also provides you with quick, finger-ready ways to manage the EQ, envelope, panning, normalization, and even amplification. Anything you might hypothetically need to do to a waveform you’ll find here.

This is what makes this audio editing app unique.

WavePad Master’s Edition truly offers the robust, professional tools we’d expect of an app that claims to be a virtual sound studio.

Though we couldn’t necessarily master our next album using the app, it’s a far cry above a simple tracking session.

Design and Tools

As stated previously, WavePad Master’s Edition works hard to make editing simple on your Android device. And for the most part, it does this very well.

We find audio editing to be a much more enjoyable experience on tablets than an avenue like video work. We like being able to pinch the envelopes, drag waveforms around, and otherwise get grippy with it.

Still, we do wish WavePad Master’s Edition came with just a bit more on the recording end. You can add audio simply by using the built-in mic, and this works exceptionally well.

However, we’d love to see extended integration with MIDI controllers, or even just some realistic amp racks for the guitar gear head.

We’re aware there are different goals here than something like Reason 8. Still, with our eyes on other popular DAWs, we’d like to see a little more meat on those bones.

Overall Value

That being said, WavePad Master’s Edition is a phenomenal value.

Its price tag is high for an Android app, but for the nearly $15 you’ll spend, you’ll get a robust, easily-managed, and powerful audio editing suite for Android.

With native functionality like you’ve never seen it before, we can’t help but recommend this app to the dedicated studio rate. Take our word for it: Your beats will never be the same again!

WavePadWavePad Master’s Edition requires Android version 2.3.3+. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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