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Hexlock – App Lock Lets You Easily Control Who Can Access Your Apps

Hexlock – App Lock Lets You Easily Control Who Can Access Your Apps


Hexlock – App Lock Security
Price: Free
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Hexlock Android App

Hexlock Android App

Owning an Android phone makes your life easier obviously. One of the main advantages of Android operating system is its user friendliness.

There are loads of apps that support Android OS. These 3rd party apps help you to get the most out of your smartphone.  Among these apps, there is a huge demand for security apps.

Hexlock – Applock is a sophisticated security tool that provides a variety of capabilities for locking down apps and belongs on everyone’s phone or tablet.


Developed by Liquidum Limited, this Android security utility protects your privacy and secures your apps. These protection features include pattern locks, pin passwords, and even fingerprint security on compatible Samsung phones.

The app locking functions as excellent parental controls too. You can simply use the password lock to restrict the apps from your kids.

Also, you can easily setup a password lock or pattern lock to prevent others from accessing your picture gallery, SMS, emails, Facebook, WhatsApp and many more.

You have the ability to create six different profiles to match the situations. After setting up the profiles, it is a matter of selecting the profile to cover the correct situation.

Appearance and Layout

Sometimes your kids will hold your phone in custody just because they want to play games on it. They will make sure to eat up your battery life with no concern at all. In addition to that, they will use your phone to browse internet or use Facebook to chat with someone.

Hexlock Android App

Hexlock Android App

This is totally an annoying experience especially when your private stuff is there. However, thanks to the Hexlock security app lock, you don’t have to worry about anyone accessing an app they shouldn’t.

One of the key features of the Hexlock is that their fingerprint-lock option. This feature allows you to be the unique owner of the phone with your finger print.

In fact, Hexlock is a range of solutions to protect your phone from intruders, while assuring the maximum security of your private contents.

It is a pretty straight forward app that lets your phone to change the settings depending on the type of WiFi network you use. You never want to hesitate to pass your phone hereafter. Your privacy is assured even when your phone is with someone else.

No one can read out your text hereafter without your permission. No one can jump into your gallery without your authorization, because of the Hexlock security app lock. It is compatible with even with older Android versions.

Despite all the positive features of the Hexlock security app, it seems to consume your battery a little more. As an improvement for the security function, it is better if the developers can pay some attention to make the pattern invisible from the home screen itself other than going into settings and adjusting it.

One improvement we’d like to see is with respect to the location of the popup ads. We understand that ads allow this to be a free app but the current position (bottom) makes the fingerprint lock process little difficult to use.

Overall Value

The bottom line is that Hexlock is a very nice way to lock your apps without locking your phone. It is useful app that can assure your privacy in different situations so, for example, your work apps are locked when you’re home and your personal apps are locked when you’re at work.


Hexlock requires Android 4.0.3 and up. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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  1. It is a nice and provided good security features.

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