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AtHome Camera: Swivel that IP Camera Toward Security

AtHome Camera: Swivel that IP Camera Toward Security

AtHome Camera
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Reviewed by Luke Patrick

We’ve seen a whole lot of security applications lately, which leads us to think just about everyone is worried about keeping their bits private. Now, that’s an understandable concern. Times are harder, and the Internet can feel like a Wild West full of pesky viruses. But what if you want to secure your own home, and you don’t want a complicated security system to do it?

If that’s your situation exactly, you might try AtHome Camera.

AtHome Camera is a unique approach to home monitoring that lets you to use just about any device, and to interact with that security in ways we couldn’t have imagined possible.

If that’s got your interest, then creep on down below the break to see the whole rundown!

Concept and Functionality

As stated, AtHome Camera, from iChano, aims to provide you with a convenient, simple to setup, and effective way of monitoring your home situation. How does the app do this? Firstly, by managing a two-point access system.

To get rolling, you’ll need to install AtHome Camera on any device within your home that contains a microphone and camera. This can be a Mac, a PC, or a smartphone of just about any variety. Once in place, additionally install the app onto your Android device. Pair the two using the unique connection ID, and you’re off and rolling!

From here, you can now use the app on your phone to see the situation at home instantly. Not only that, you can record on a schedule, receive an email update when motion is detected, or even two-way talk with the device at home. How’s that for security?

If you see an invader, you can simply yell at them from wherever you are.

Joking aside, the functionality here is exactly what we’d expect and then some. Of course, even more potentiality is available should you be using a dedicated IP. With the right setup, you can pan and tilt your way to a full, 360 degree, 24/7 view of your secured location.

Design and Interface

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AtHome Camera Android App

Typically when we look at security apps like this, they’re a bit rough around the edges. Or, they’re rather . . . industrial in design. However, AtHome Camera is neither of these things.

The app is pleasant to look at, providing a warm, inviting area for you to use the supplied features. That might seem like a small part of the experience, but considering you’re ensuring the safety of your property and loved-ones, a little cheer is appreciated.

Not only that, but we had no problems getting to the features we wanted, or using the app in general.

Connectivity was immediate and problem-free, as was the interaction thereafter. All said, it’s a solid outing, and one that’s clearly been given a lot of development attention.

Overall Value

As a free app to download in the Google Play Store, there’s just not a lot of reason to skip AtHome Camera AtHome Camera. If you’re at all concerned about your home or office security, this is the ideal setup for your. No dedicated hardware, no complicated setup, and no expensive fees. That sounds like a fantastic bargain to us.

AtHome Camera earns our solid recommendation, and currently tops the security app stack, as far as we’re concerned.

AtHomeAtHome Camera requires Android version 4.0+. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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