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Muse: Bringing it on Home (to Your Lock Screen)

Muse: Bringing it on Home (to Your Lock Screen)


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Muse Android App

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Over the years we have seen a bunch of different lock screen options for Android. Some let you play games before you swiped up, others let you check notifications and the like. But what about a lock screen app that lets you learn, gain serious inspiration, and do some shopping — all without messing up your typical notification flow?

With Muse, from the developer of the same name, you’ll get exactly that and a whole lot more!

Muse makes it easy to view new products, read some blog posts and even learn a bit now and again. All from your lock screen, and all without being obtrusive.

Concept and Functionality

As mentioned, Muse primarily wants to bring the world of products, shopping and discovery directly to you, and without you doing anything other than press a button.

When the app is first installed and booted, it will walk you through exactly what it aims to do. Then, it has you pick from a variety of available categories.

These include things like food, men and women’s fashion, the arts, and a grab bag for “other” stuff. Pick the boxes you like, and then hit the big red button to get rolling.

Immediately, Muse will change over your lock screen to the newly added one. What you’ll find here is quite remarkable. At first glance, it’ll look more or less like your standard offering. However, the background is actually a random image from your selections: Best of all, it’s tied to either a blog post, a recipe, or a fine, luxury item. To see more, just swipe up with a finger.

If at any time you’d like to back out of the functionality, you can of course swipe to login as you normally would.

Design and Interface

Muse Android App

Muse Android App

All in all, it’s breathtakingly smooth. We hardly noticed the change, and the content produced is usually top notch. We enjoyed the food articles we got, and every time it was a new recipe to explore. Likewise, the shopping is high-end and endlessly fun.

But the real kicker here is the application’s design appeal.

The Muse lock screen looks beautiful because it’s pulling from rich, colorful images.

Each post, product or link is served up with a relevant, high-definition photo. This not only promises great content, but it makes your phone look fantastic to boot.

Not to mention the fact that Muse looks quite nice itself. The interface is clean, crips and easy to follow. We had no problems getting around, and we have no major complaints with the layout. Even shopping for products directly inside the app was a breeze.

Overall Value

At the end of the day, Muse is a fantastic offering, and one we’d recommend to anyone with a drab lock screen. The app does a great job of livening things up, as well as serving out content you’ll actually want to peruse. Sure, we might like to see more by way of notification pizazz, but that’s not the focus.

According to the developer the app generated over 2M views in November alone along with an average of 27 mins per user per day, so it seems to be getting quite an active following.

What you’ll get here is a free app that takes your lock screen up to a whole new level. And in the future, should they add further notification improvements, you’re looking at a total default screen killer.

qrcode.32625581Muse requires Android version 4.1+. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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  1. It’s crazy how people are becoming comfortable buying more and more on their smartphones.

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