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You’ll Have a Ball Playing With Red Ball 4

You’ll Have a Ball Playing With Red Ball 4

Red Ball 4
Price: Free
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Red Ball 4 Android Game

Red Ball 4 Android Game

Red Ball 4 is an addictive and attractive arcade game designed and developed by FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG.

The core of the game is to save the world from evil minions who want to squeeze the planet into a square shape.


With the Red Ball, you can take on these evil minions and go ahead on the rescue mission. There are 60 challenging levels to complete within this adventure.

During this journey you will face number of traps and obstacles which you have to overcome to defeat the monsters and save the planet.

All these levels are designed with excellent creativity. Smooth operation of the Red Ball will keep you addicted. The challenges are designed to keep you excited while rolling on towards your target.

These obstacles will keep you engaged all the time. We were impressed with how well the physics are executed during the tasks like jumping across the gaps, bouncing on top of enemies and dodging obstacles.

Using the full use of good physics, Red Ball 4 comes with some physics puzzle elements of placing blocks to leap on precisely, rolling the carts into the exact place where you need, switching across on-the-move swings and many more.

The variation you find in each and every level of the game is vital to keep you attracted to this game. Each level comes with a different excitement, which is a real plus fact. There are loads of excitements packed in all these 60 levels making you fully entertained all the way to the end of the quest.

Red Ball 4 Android Game

Red Ball 4 Android Game

Design and Layout

The game is backed with easy on the eye 2D Graphics and a nice selection of sound effects and background music.

One of the main plus points or Red Ball 4 is that is smooth game engine. It perfectly operates to assure a nice flow though out the game with all the 60 levels. You will not be frustrated by pauses in this game or a delay while watching a level loading screen.

Instead of those features, you will find a simple transition taking you right into the next level upon the completion of the current one. The ball will maintain the exact position and the speed towards the next level giving you the opportunity to experience a consistent flow of this arcade game.

Overall Value

Overall the features like 60 Levels, Epic Boss Battles, Cloud Support, Exciting Physics Elements, and groovy Soundtracks and HID Controller Support keep this game rolling on smoothly.

It is a good value and works well even on older and less powerful phones.


Red Ball 4 requires Android version 2.3.3+. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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