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Stay Inline in Follow the Line EX

Stay Inline in Follow the Line EX

Follow the Line EX
Price: Free
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Reviewed by John Chau

Follow the Line EX is an entertaining finger running game that’s both fun and challenging.

It’s a different kind a game that will enthrall users of all ages in its fun psychedelic adventure.

Designed and developed by Xllusion, Follow the Line EX is quite similar to maze runners, but instead of a maze there’s simply a line that one must follow by dragging a small green dot along the path.

Its clever soundtrack and smooth graphics certainly makes Follow the Line EX one of those games that you can pick up and play whenever you want to burn some time.


Follow the Line EX is essentially a simple finger runner with a few added features that help it stand out among similar games.

Besides offering a wide variety of fun, artistically-designed levels, Follow the Line EX incorporates a Reward/Upgrade feature that lets the player spend the coins earned throughout the game on various upgrades to help the player follow the line.

The upgrades range from Shield upgrades, Speed decreases, and a higher initial high Score. We found it fairly easy to earn coins in the game to buy the upgrades, but were a little bit bummed to find out that the upgrades don’t last forever.

One of the features unique to Follow the Line EX that we particularly loved is the ability to go backwards instead of always forwards. This feature greatly enhances the gameplay, because by providing bi-directional movement one can avoid the various obstacles that appear and time their approach just right to get further along the line.

Follow the Line EX also seems to have a randomized level system, where the further you go, the harder the level becomes, but upon restarting a level can fluctuate randomly between an easier line or a harder line similar to the difficulty of the furthest you had reach.


Follow the Line EX Android Game

Another cool feature in Follow the Line EX is its “Daily Bonus” feature that lets you earn a randomized amount of coins after waiting a certain amount of time and earning a certain amount of points on the line.

Overall, we enjoyed playing Follow the Line EX and think that it’s a fun game for anyone to play.

Appearance and Layout

Follow the Line EX has superb graphics that include an ever-changing, aesthetically pleasing colour scheme throughout the game, as well as text that is easy to read and a background of wheels and cogs that is constantly moving.

The layout is simple enough to understand, although several icons on the main screen might need a little experimenting with to understand. From left to right, they are as follows: Toggle Music On/Off, Toggle Sound Effects On/Off, View Upgrades, Visit Store, See Daily Bonus, and View High Scores.

Overall, we found Follow the Line EX to look great, operate smoothly, and be an appealing game to play.


Follow the Lines EX is free to download (21 MB) and play, and includes several In-App Purchases that range from $0.99 (for 999 coins), up to $1.99 (to remove ads), and topping out at $4.99 (for 9999 coins). We didn’t encounter very many ads during our review, except for a small bottom bar ad when viewing the shop.

So overall, we enjoyed following the line in Follow the Line EX and think that you might enjoy the journey as well.  Check it out and let us know what you think.

Follow the Line EX requires Android 2.3.3 and up. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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