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Have Some Fun with Rivers Casino Pittsburgh

Have Some Fun with Rivers Casino Pittsburgh

Rivers Casino Pittsburgh
Price: Free
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Reviewed by John Chau

Rivers Casino Pittsburgh is a fun gambling app for Android that offers a lot more than just virtual casino games.

Developed by the Rivers App Team, Rivers Casino Pittsburgh Play4Fun can be a fun way to play online casino games while building your gambling skills and earning online credits.

Rivers Casino Pittsburgh not only includes its Play4Fun gaming experience, but also includes a great way to book restaurant reservations, special offers, directions to their real-life casino in Pittsburgh, and many other details related to their real-world casino.


Rivers Casino Pittsburgh has quite a few neat features that pertain to their real-world casino, such as their Casino Guide and Current Events, as well as their Play4Fun section which is the gem of their app for those of us who don’t live in Pittsburgh.

The online social games are comprised of mini-games with various levels and leaderboards. These mini-games start with only one unlocked (Jungle Wild) and consecutive ones capable of being unlocked after reaching a new level.

These mini-games are essentially just slot machine games that players can score points with. Players start with 77,777 when they start, and depending on their luck, can score big points.

When loading the app, the initial screen is quick to appear with all of the real-world info (maps, restaurant menus, etc.) but when clicking on the Play4Fun text, it takes a decent while to load into the app.

The levels range from 1 (Jungle Wild) up to 185 (Laredo). To advance a level, players need to simply just tap the Spin button until they either score big or after enough sub-par spins, they gain enough experience to level up.

Players can adjust the number of lines and bets by just tapping on the Lines or Bet buttons. If players run out of credits, they can buy them in the app.

User can also view the Leaderboard and see how other players are doing, but with numbers in the trillions, it might be tough to get into their Top 20.

Overall, we thought the app was great for users who frequent the Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh since its real-world app options are great, but the Play4Fun in-app game became a bit repetitive.

Rivers Casino Pittsburgh Android App

Appearance and Layout

Rivers Casino Pittsburgh has a reasonably polished feel to it, with the appearance of the primary real-world section looking great. The buttons to play their Play4Fun slots are a bit harsh and we felt that the developers could improve it by giving the games a more modern feel and making it less box-like.

The graphics in Play4Fun are pleasing and with 185 levels of varying casino-like slot artwork, it looks great.

The layout is easy to navigate through and self-explanatory, with the only harder-to-find option being the Play4Fun slots mini-games, since it tends to look like an external advertisement due to its box-like shape and different color scheme.

Overall, we found Rivers Casino Pittsburgh to be easy to use and the real-world section of the application to be on point.


Rivers Casino Pittsburgh is free to download (35 MB) and play. There are numerous in-app-purchases ranging from $4.99 to $99.99, but players should take note that Rivers Casino Pittsburgh specifically states that their app “is for entertainment purposes only. By downloading the application you accept that no prizes or other items of value can or will be awarded based on play.”

Overall, we think that Rivers Casino Pittsburgh is decent slots app with lots of potential but for the moment is more applicable to users who commonly visit the Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh.

The app is also available from the Apple App Store.

Check it out and let us know what you think.

Rivers Casino Pittsburgh requires Android 2.3 and up. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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