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HTML5 Tutorial is Your Path to Mastery

HTML5 Tutorial is Your Path to Mastery

HTML5 Tutorial
Price: Free
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HTML 5 Tutorial Android App

HTML 5 Tutorial Android App

Since web design and programming are some of the most sought after job types out there, more and more of us want to learn the craft and become a success in these fields. However, doing so requires a lot of training, but maybe the most important part here is to actually find the proper tools to help you train the right way.

HTML5 Tutorial is a very impressive training app that, just like the name says, is created to teach you the ins and outs of HTML5.

This is all so that you can start creating websites right off the bat, without any previous knowledge.


For me, the major strength of HTML5 Tutorial comes from its structure and the way the information is offered. You learn the basics and then use examples in order to solidify your knowledge, which is surely the best way to learn anything nowadays.

I do find that the app covers most of the basics and while some more examples would be always welcome, they did integrate some great examples that make learning a lot more fun and intuitive.

The ease of use is also offered by the chapters and the way they are designed. It’s basically a book that you read from start to finish, and once you are at the end you will have a good understanding of how the HTML5 technology works, how it can help you and all the other information that you might be interested in knowing.

Layout and Design

HTML5 Tutorial Android App

HTML5 Tutorial Android App

All lessons use simple, easy to understand knowledge and that’s very important. Since this is an application for newcomers, this is a great thing to do and the results astonish for sure.

While some more depth would be great, do remember that this is an app to teach you the basics. If you want to access a more comprehensive way to learn HTML5, you can try other, paid tools. HTML5 Tutorial is a free app, so taking that into consideration it’s then best tool to help you learn this technology.

Not only you don’t have to invest any money, but you can read the content and try out the examples as you see fit, while on the road if you want, it doesn’t matter. The portability offered by this app is very good and being a person that likes to study while commuting, HTML5 Tutorial manages to fit my needs perfectly.

The only downside I found about this app is that it doesn’t offer you a simpler way to browse the chapters. You basically need to tap and tap until you reach the chapter, which is not that efficient. Instead, it would be a lot better and easier to have a menu that would help you reach the desired chapter.

HTML5 Tutorial is one of the multiple apps included into a web development series by the same developer. From within the app you can get links towards similar tutorials for CSS3, XML, Ajax, JQuery and JSON amongst many others.

Overall Value

HTML5 Tutorial has a lot of potential and the fact that it’s free definitely works in its favor. Sure, it does have a few minor mishaps, but considering the price and the amazing, detailed tutorials included in it, HTML5 Tutorial does an amazing job and it delivers a stellar outcome!

Don’t hesitate and try it out right now, it’s a great web development tutorial app for beginners.

html5-qrHTML5 Tutorial requires Android 2.3.3 and up. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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