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Travel the World Without Getting Lost with OsmAnd Maps & Navigation

Travel the World Without Getting Lost with OsmAnd Maps & Navigation


OsmAnd Maps & Navigation
Price: Free
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Reviewed by John Chau

OsmAnd Maps & Navigation is a detailed navigation app for Android devices that takes you well beyond Google Maps.

Developed by Osmand, OsmAnd Maps and Navigation (OpenStreetMap Automated Navigation Directions) provides users with free, high quality OpenStreetMap data that is easily accessible and full of features.

OsmAnd Maps and Navigation works remarkably well offline as well as online, which makes it an especially suitable app for overseas travel and urban adventurers!


OsmAnd Maps & Navigation has many of the same features that other navigation apps offer, such as map viewing, turn-by-turn directions, estimated time of arrival, automatic re-routing, various search filters, and more. However, what makes OsmAnd Maps & Navigation more interesting and useable are the various options one can select to enable/disable its unique features.

For example, one such feature is the option to adjust the speed limit tolerance before it alerts you that you’re going over the limit. Other options include the ability to choose whether or not to display road weight limits or height limits, speed cameras, speed bumps, and whether or not to repeat navigation instructions (and if so, how often?).

OsmAnd Maps & Navigation uses high-quality vector maps that can be easily downloaded for offline use. These vector maps are updated monthly and are more informative than other stock navigation maps.

A very cool feature is that users can record their trips and navigate using GPX tracks. When someone asks you to recount your fascinating trip you’ll be able to tell them exactly what route you took.  Users can also upload in Points of Interest (POIs) directly from the app.

For those who use alternative forms of transportation (walking, biking, public transport, etc.), OsmAnd Maps & Navigation shows routes, paths, and trails, speed and altitude display, and is great for hikers who often use their phone as a GPS or altimeter in the backcountry.


OsmAnd Maps & Navigation Android App Review

One of our favorite features offered in OsmAnd Maps & Navigation is how it allows you to choose the location of where to save the downloaded maps for offline use – many other navigation apps simply download them to your device’s internal storage, whereas OsmAnd Maps & Navigation gives you the freedom to choose where to store them thereby saving precious space on your internal drive.

Appearance and Layout

The appearance of OsmAnd Maps & Navigation is excellent with light colors that are easy on the eyes and has a smoother feel than similar-styled navigation apps.

The layout tends to be a bit complex when one dives into the various menus and settings, but the map itself is easy to use. This adds a reasonable learning curve which is well-worth it once understood.

Although we felt that OsmAnd Maps & Navigation isn’t quite as user-friendly as the Google Maps app, we loved it for the level of personalization it offers in its vast settings and options menus.


OsmAnd Maps & Navigation is free to download (size varies for device) and offers numerous upgrades and purchases that range from $1.99 for upgrades (e.g. Contour Lines) to $6.49 for the full app. The free version of the app only allows up to 7 downloads of maps and mainly just allows users to get a sense of what they’re missing out on without the full app. 

Overall, for such an in-depth and well developed navigation app, OsmAnd Maps & Navigation is well worth the download. Check it out and let us know what you think.

downloadOsmAnd Maps & Navigation requirements vary with device. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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  1. And OSM stands for OpenStreetMap. The free wiki world map, and not-for-profit volunteer-driven project to map the world for free. By using the app (and telling your friends to use it) you’re supporting OpenStreetMap. Even better, you can go to and make changes and fixes to the map if you ever discover anything wrong. It’s an editable map of the world, and we’d love your contributions!

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