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Conquer Dungeon Arenas in I Am A Hero

Conquer Dungeon Arenas in I Am A Hero

I am a Hero
Price: Free
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Reviewed by John Chau

I am a Hero is a thrilling, although somewhat basic, third-person role playing game for Android devices.

However, if you’re looking for some quick action, I am a Hero fits the bill. It’s a fun, action-oriented RPG with online, multiplayer capabilities.

Villains stalk around waiting to be slain, tasks lie waiting to be completed, and Android users can be entertained during long, boring days.


I am a Hero is similar to other hack-and-slash RPGs, focused on fighting opponents (bots or other players online) and earning enough gold coins to upgrade to a ton of different weapons (various axes, swords, clubs, etc.). What I am a Hero primarily features is a smooth playing way to play a hack-and-slash with a variety of different Heroes.

The controls are simple (tap to attack or block, use the controller wheel to move, double tap to roll, etc.) and since you control your hero directly (rather than simply selecting an auto-attack feature, you must tap to manually strike each time), each hero’s fighting style can be customized and utilized according to each players’ personal taste.

This gives the online multiplayer battles a more unique flavor since everyone tends to use different strategies. I am a Hero has different game modes, such as Death Match, Teamplay, and One versus All. Since it uses an online ranking system, users who are logged in can see who’s ranked higher.

I am a Hero also allows players to choose who they play as, ranging from human warriors to elfs or goblins. Each weapon tends to have different strengths and weaknesses, and we liked how I am a Hero allows players to switch weapons in-game.

Players can choose to complete various tasks that are essentially quests with no story, such as killing 10 (of the same) opponents or collecting a certain amount of coins in a battle. Players can also play in a few different, albeit bland arenas, such as: Japanese Patio, Temple, Cave, and Fountain of Freedom.

I am a Hero Android Game Review

Overall, we wish there was more of a storyline or variety in the game to add  to the dungeon-runner hack-and-slash RPG style, but we loved the simplicity of the in-game fighting.

Appearance and Layout

The appearance of I am a Hero is a bit bland when compared to computer games, but it tends to suit Androids fairly well. The graphics are more similar to older 3-D RPGs like Runescape. Everything is 3-D  during gameplay, and the menus have a dungeon-like vibe to them. The menu colors (simple blackish-gray, green, red, and yellow) also add a medieval feel to the entire app.

The layout is easy to use, although it can be frustrating when fighting multiple opponents and having to tap off of one target and move out of the way to avoid getting stuck in the middle of two fighters who are all swinging wildly.


I am a Hero is free to play and download, although it also has several in-app purchases available that range from $0.99 up to $18.48. Advertisements tend to be fullscreen and appear occasionally.

Overall, we felt that at only 40 MB to download, I am a Hero is a simple and fun way to relieve some stress or boredom while hacking it out with random bots or other people online. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments below.

downloadI am a Hero requires Android 4.0 and up. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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