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Protect Your Photos and More with Gallery Lock

Protect Your Photos and More with Gallery Lock

Gallery Lock
Price: Free
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Reviewed by John Chau

Gallery Lock is a privacy protection app for Android devices that lets the user hide and encrypt photos, videos, and other files on their device.

It’s a perfect app for those who have sensitive material on their device and don’t want it to fall into the wrong hands, especially if their device gets lost or stolen.

Developed by Mallow and advertised as the “best Whatsapp Lock on the market,” Gallery Lock is designed to be easy to use and effective at keeping your privacy safe.


By choosing to lock an application or gallery, users will be presented with a “password” screen or pattern each time they attempt to open that app. The passwords are user-created and act more like a 4-letter PIN than an actual password. These passwords or patterns protect all photos and videos on the device.

Gallery Lock has built-in protection options to prevent being uninstalled or even being seen on your device (users can choose to hide its app icon).

Gallery Lock has several main features, namely its Gallery Lock which allows users to lock their File Manager, Gallery, and Messaging, and its Chat Apps Lock which allows users to lock the chat applications on their device (e.g. Instagram and Whatsapp).


Gallery Lock Android App

Gallery Lock also lets users customize its autolock time, which helps users save time instead of having to constantly re-enter their passcode or swipe a pattern. Gallery Lock also has a “Master Lock” that will lock down everything under its Gallery Lock category and Chat Apps Lock category at once.

Users should note that Gallery Lock only locks images and files from being viewed on the Android device, because the files and photos are easily accessible once the device is plugged into a computer.

Overall, Gallery Lock is a splendid privacy tool that provides effective safeguarding features.

Appearance and Layout

The appearance of Gallery Lock isn’t quite as smoothed and polished as other apps, and its brownish color scheme is not very attractive. However, Gallery Lock does include several wallpapers that are decently appealing.

Unfortunately, Gallery Lock has numerous unattractive advertisements that constantly pop-up for nearly every single action (loading the app, selecting Settings options, etc.) and the footer ads are the primary cause of the overall unattractive appearance of the app.

The layout is simple to use but unfortunately is constantly hounded by advertisements. The Master Lock icon is easy to see and select, as are the other lock options and for such an important task (privacy), the developers did a great job with making the app user-friendly.


Gallery Lock is free and only a mere 5.7 MB to download. There are numerous advertisements, but there are also no limitations to the free use (e.g. no in-app purchases). However, we think the app would be more attractive if the developers added in an option to remove the ads for a small fee. 

Overall, for those who are worried someone might access sensitive photos, videos, or files on their device without their permission, Gallery Lock is a wonderful privacy app to use. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Gallery Lock requires Android 3.0 and up. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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  1. I really like LEO Privacys. Its really a good and nice app lock because even you clear the apps data and cache in apps manager, its still working fine. I mean, the security code is not gone. Its really prevent unauthorize use of your phone apps. Good job.

    • Thanks for sharing. But I thinks LEO Privacy is better. Easy to hide private images and videos.If you have LEO Privacy, there is no need to install more apps.. Single app for backup and restore, app lock, private calls, SMS, boost, and so on!

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