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FilmoraGo Offers Powerful Video Creation Tools for Free

FilmoraGo Offers Powerful Video Creation Tools for Free

FilmoraGo – Free Video Editor
Price: Free
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Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

We live in a truly incredible world, and capturing awesome moments on your Android device is easier than ever. Clips can be boring and plain, though, so sometimes it’s fun to spice them up with a bit of editing.

FilmoraGo is an incredibly useful video editor that lets you get creative right on your device.

You might be familiar with the computer program by the same name, which is also highly regarded as a powerful video editor.

Concept and Functionality

FilmoraGo, an app by Wondershare Software Co., Ltd., offers everything we’ve come to expect from a mobile video editor.

Users can import videos and photos from their device, as well as Facebook and Instagram. It’s also possible to take photos and videos within the app for immediate editing. One issue I experienced on my Nexus 7 was the inability to figure out how to take video again once I recorded a test clip. It might just be an issue with my specific device.

Editing videos is a snap and tons of options are available to you. For example, you can easily rearrange clips, add music, insert overlays, and even apply themes to your video. Personally I think the themes are the easy way to go because they automatically add visual effects, sounds, and transitions to your video.

When you’re finished editing your video, FilmoraGo automatically exports your video so that it can be saved to your device and shared across your social networks. One thing I noticed is that the video quality is very poor when previewing your video, but the final product came out fine for me.


FilmoraGo Android App

FilmoraGo Android App

As you can probably imagine, FilmoraGo includes tons of awesome features for users to enjoy. For example, you can customize your video even more by adding your own media such as music. You can even download additional themes and media directly from FilmoraGo.

Naturally there are improvements that can be made to features, but I definitely think the app is off to a great start.

I briefly mentioned above that FilmoraGo fully supports both photos and videos in your projects, which is definitely a plus for users who would like to add media they’ve already captured into a new project.

One drawback of FilmoraGo is the fact that there is a two second closing clip at the end of every video that briefly mentions the title of the software. This wouldn’t be a big deal if the developers didn’t state that the app doesn’t include a watermark in videos. This might not be something that is directly overlaid on videos, but personally I still think it counts as a watermark and I couldn’t find a way to get rid of it.


FilmoraGo is available to download from Google Play for free and I couldn’t find any in-app purchases or upgrades. Of course you can’t beat the price of free, but like most apps, there are a few drawbacks. Personally I would pay a $0.99 upgrade fee just to remove the closing watermark from vdeos.

Overall, I think FilmoraGo is off to a good start. It offers an incredible number of editing features that both casual and serious users alike will enjoy. There’s definitely room for improvement, and hopefully the developers listen to their userbase for improvements and suggestions.

filmorago.jpgFilmoraGo requires Android 4.2 and up. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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