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Easily Find Your Stored Items with Storesh

Easily Find Your Stored Items with Storesh

Price: $2.33
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Reviewed by John Chau

Reviewed by John Chau

Storesh is a very cool, and very useful, storage management app that helps keep you organized.

Developed by Blitter, Storesh is designed to help you avoid lost and misplaced items by easily tracking which items are stored where using its label creator.


Storesh is an Android app that helps you easily find your items that you’ve placed into storage, whether that is in your garage, a storage unit, or simply a cardboard box tucked away in your closet.

Storesh lets you easily make lists of everything in your boxes and allows you to simply print labels with scannable QR codes to see the content, which can be particularly helpful for people moving houses and find it easier to print a QR code instead of scrawling illegibly on the outside of a box.

Another neat feature that Storesh has is its search feature that enables you to quickly search for an item (e.g. rock collection) and find out what box you’ve placed it into (e.g. Box #2).

Storesh Android App

Storesh Android App

Storesh also has its users create an online account that enables them to search for items quickly and sort through them in case they don’t have access to their phone or are in a different location and need to inform someone where a specific item is.

Overall, Storesh provides a remarkably simple and easy way to keep track of your stored items and gear.

Appearance and Layout

The appearance of Storesh can seem a bit bland with its white background and dark gray text, but it makes up for its lack of a fancy appearance by getting the job done.

The layout is easy and simple to use, with a smooth way of adding in boxes, creating labels, and printing QR codes.

Overall, even though the appearance and layout of Storesh is rather monochrome, it achieves its chief purpose of being an app that organizes your storage items and makes it easy for you to find items.


Storesh costs $2.33 and is 1.4 MB to download. While that is a bit on the high side of app prices, it’s an app that can save you lots of time and help you avoid misplacing expensive items.

It can be especially useful for anyone who needs to track items for organizations such as clubs, schools, churches, and companies. Using it will help prevent items from becoming lost or misplaced and so avoid having to buy them again and wasting money. 

Overall, Storesh is well worth it for anyone who stores items out of sight, such as in boxes, storage lockers, and self-storage facilities. We have no doubt that it will return its cost in spades.

downloadStoresh requires Android 4.0.3 and up. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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