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InstaPrice is Perfect for Adding Prices and More to Photos

InstaPrice is Perfect for Adding Prices and More to Photos

InstaPrice: Add Price to Photo
Price: Free
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Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Whether you’re selling an item online or trying to share an awesome deal with a friend, being able to add a price to a photo is something you didn’t know you needed to do until you discovered an easy way to do it.

InstaPrice is an incredibly useful app that lets you superimpose prices, location, captions and more on photos with just a few taps of your finger.

The app, by MFSale, doesn’t stop there. It also features a real-time currency converter and more.

Concept and Functionality

One of the things I looked for first when testing InstaPrice was usability. This certainly isn’t the first app to offer photo editing features, but it’s the first I’ve seen that allows you to easily add prices to photos.

The idea seems a little strange, but it definitely makes sense once you take the app for a test drive.

To start, simply snap a photo inside InstaPrice or upload a photo from your device. From there, select the currency you wish to use as your main price, then select a secondary currency. You can also add a geolocation to your photo by tapping on the pin, as well as a comment.

One of the things I really like about InstaPrice is the fact that it supports a very wide variety of themes. The free version of the app includes many basic themes that shuffle around the location of prices, but unfortunately you don’t have direct control over where everything is displayed.


InstaPrice Android App

InstaPrice Android App

I was incredibly surprised to see that InstaPrice includes many awesome features that make it a very viable app for sharing photos of items. For example, currency conversion is live and instantaneous. From what I can tell, conversions are very accurate and users can even opt to round to the nearest whole dollar.

InstaPrice also allows you to geo-tag photos using Foursquare, which is something I’ve definitely never seen before in an app like this. This makes it very easy to share vital information such as a store location so your friends can find the item you’re looking for.


InstaPrice is available to download from Google Play for free. The full version of the app will cost you $1.99, and it unlocks many new features such as the ability to display only one currency.

The full version also give you access to many more photo themes.

Overall, InstaPrice is definitely a handy app for anyone who frequently shares photos of items they like with friends.

Maybe you’re looking to sell some items online, using Ebay, Wallapop, QFlea, or others. Or maybe you want to feature what you’ll be selling at a neighborhood garage sale on Craigslist, Instagram, or Facebook. Either way, this is definitely a must-have app.

instaprice.jpgInstaPrice requires Android 4.0.3+. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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