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Gay Dating is Easy With FUNKYBOYS

Gay Dating is Easy With FUNKYBOYS

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Reviewed by John Chan

FUNKYBOYS is a gay dating, chatting, and messenger app for Android devices that makes it easy for gay men to finds friends and dates.

Developed by developer Klaus Gerber, FUNKYBOYS is designed to easily connect gays looking to date with each other.


FUNKYBOYS is a new gay dating app that can help you find a date, meet new friends, and more. Users can find other users who are nearby by using the Radar feature in FUNKYBOYS, a feature we loved even though the nearest other user may or may not be as close as you’d like.

FUNKYBOYS is virtually identical to Klaus Gerber’s other dating app, naduu and has most of the features common in other dating-like apps (such as adding friends, ignoring/blocking people, uploading photos, etc.), as well as unique Klaus Gerber features like FakeCheck and heartbeats (that can also let you see who else is checking out that user).

One of the features we particularly liked was that FUNKYBOYS allows its users to see who has “visited” your profile so that you can follow up with them if you’d like. FUNKYBOYS makes it fairly easy to add friends to your in-app contacts list, and you can even leave messages for them on their guestbook.

Messaging is simple to use and the many built-in emojis make it a thrill to use.

Overall, we think that FUNKYBOYS is an interesting gay dating app with lots of features to keep its users entertained as they check out each other and build up their community.

Appearance and Layout


The appearance of FUNKYBOYS is pretty cool and includes a blue background that is easy to read and has a nice polished look. The blue, green, and grey colour scheme works well and is aesthetically pleasing.

The layout is still a bit cluttered and can be a bit overwhelming when you’re trying to figure it all out. However, once users get past the initial learning curve, the clustered icons and layout in FUNKYBOYS start to make sense.

The icons are easy to select, but some of the icons might need to be experimented with for first-time users to learn what they do.

Overall, the appearance and layout of FUNKYBOYS is easy on the eyes and simple to use. We think the appearance could be better improved by making the text easier to read (perhaps white instead of the lighter blue on dark blue background), as well as a brief tutorial for new users to explain what each icon is.


FUNKYBOYS is free to use and only 7 MB to download.

Just like most other dating apps, FUNKYBOYS offers its users the options of spending $5.51 to $23.58 on in-app purchases for varying lengths of membership to a TURBO account.

FUNKYBOYS also offers users the option of paying $0.99 to remove ads for 6 months, although the banner ads are not too intrusive. 

Overall, we think that FUNKYBOYS is an effective dating app and works well for those in the gay community to find each other and connect. 

download (1)FUNKYBOYS requires Android 4.0 and up. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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  1. Funkyboys app sucks. I cannot even complete the registration without it locking up. This is just another shitty gay app amongst an increasingly large field of shitty gay apps. Don’t waste your time. Funkyboys, go fuck yourselves! Scumbags!

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