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Find a Date or a Mate with naduu

Find a Date or a Mate with naduu

Price: Free
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Reviewed by John Chau

Naduu is a dating, chatting, and messenger app for Android devices that will easily connect those looking to hook up.


Naduu, from developer Klaus Gerber, is a new dating app that can help you find a date, meet new friends, and more. Users can find other users who are  nearby by using the Radar feature in naduu, a feature we loved. Of course the number of users you find will depend on where you live.

Naduu has most of the features common in other dating-like apps (such as adding friends, ignoring/blocking people, uploading photos, etc.), as well as unique features like FakeCheck and heartbeats (that can also let you see who else is checking out that user).

One of the features we particularly liked was that naduu allows its users to see who has “visited” your profile so that you can follow up with them if you’d like.

Naduu makes it fairly easy to add friends to your in-app contacts list, and you can even leave messages for them on their guestbook.

The community options aspect of naduu is remarkable since users can add “footprints” and “hugs” just by tapping an icon on a user’s profile.

Overall, we think that naduu is an interesting dating app with lots of features to keep users entertained as they peruse through the profiles of various users, and it has the potential to become great community.

Appearance and Layout


naduu Android App Review

The appearance of naduu includes a purple-blue background that appeared more gaudy to us than polished. The font sometimes was hard to read (e.g. names of users, About, Location, Pics, and Albums text, blended into the background when they weren’t selected).

The layout is clustered and can be overwhelming at first, but once you get past this initial learning curve, naduu’s clustered icons and layout start to make sense.

The icons are easy to select, but some of the icons might need to be experimented with for first-time users to learn what they are.

Overall, the appearance and layout of naduu is not as polished as we like. We think it could be better improved by making the text easier to read (perhaps white instead of the lighter purple on purple background), as well as a brief tutorial for new users.


Naduu is free to use and only 7.4 MB to download. Naduu offers its users the options of spending $5.51 to $23.58 on in-app purchases to purchase varying lengths of membership to a TURBO account. Naduu also offers users the option of paying $1.01 to remove ads for 6 months, although the banner ads are not too intrusive. 

Overall, we think that naduu has the potential of competing with bigger dating apps, but its current user-base needs some time to grow and it can be a challenge to connect with others who are actually near you.

It’s well worth a download for those who are looking to date or find a friend. Check out naduu and help grow its user base! 

downloadnaduu requires Android 4.0 and up. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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