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Keep Your Device Healthy with Battery Alert 40-80 Pro

Keep Your Device Healthy with Battery Alert 40-80 Pro

Battery Alert 40-80 Pro
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Battery Alert 40-80 Pro is a great new Android app that helps prevent your Android device’s battery life from being shortened.

Ever buy a new device and then notice a few months later that the battery life just isn’t quite as long as it was before? Chances are, you’re probably overcharging or undercharging your Android device and its battery life is slowly being shortened.

Digimaster has developed this app to counter that battery drain and with Battery Alert 40-80 Pro, the life of your Android device can be prolonged.


Battery Alert 40-80 Pro has numerous features that help it give the user the feedback he or she needs about their device’s battery.

These features include preventing over and under charging with a customized percentage level shown for the battery’s current charge. This information is also shown when the device is plugged in and charging.

According to Battery Alert 40-80 Pro’s website, the total overall battery life of lithium ion batteries can be greatly improved when the battery is consistently kept charged between 40% and 80%, and frequent low discharging to full charging past 100% can put unnecessary strain on your device’s battery and shorten its overall life.

Although the default percent alerts are set at 40% (charge alert) and 80% (unplug alert), users can modify the alert notification settings to whatever percentages they want. Users can also choose between notifications via the app window or by a non-intrusive Toast Pop-Up notification. Users can use the default voice alarm sounds in the app or can choose their own sounds or ringtones from their device for the alarm sounds.


Battery Alert 40-80 Pro Android App Review

This app also displays the battery temperature to its users to alert them to possible over-usage.

The features that Battery Alert 40-80 Pro has to offer makes this a great app for keeping your device healthy.

Appearance and Layout

The appearance of Battery Alert 40-80 Pro is a standard, minimalist design with easy-to-read text and soothing colors.

Battery Alert 40-80 Pro has a smooth and flowing layout that is a breeze to navigate and customize. The notifications are not intrusive and the “Help” and “About” sections of the app are informative to first-time users.

Overall, the appearance and layout made this app pleasurable to use.


Battery Alert 40-80 Pro costs $0.99 on the Google Play Store  and is a mere 764 kb to download. Users who still want to protect their phone’s battery life but can’t afford the $0.99 for the Pro version can also download and install the Lite version which has the same core features (e.g. prevent over and under charging, battery temperature display, voice alarm, unplug alert, and separate settings for the charge monitor and unplug monitor notifications), but has ads. For less than a dollar, users can be comfortably assured that their device’s battery life can be efficiently utilized, and $0.99 is much cheaper than having to buy a new replacement battery or even a new device! 

Battery Alert 40-80 Pro is an affordable choice, and we think it is worth the investment in keeping your device healthy.

downloadBattery Alert 40-80 Pro requires Android 4.0 and up. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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