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Be Puzzled in Just Frenzy!

Be Puzzled in Just Frenzy!

Just Frenzy!
Price: Free
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Reviewed by John Chau

Just Frenzy! is a fun puzzle game for Android devices that will challenge players of all ages.

Developed by French app developer Jeducalize, Just Frenzy! is likely what you would get if you crossed Bejeweled with Chess and it is a thrill to play!


Just Frenzy! features a unique puzzle where the purpose of the game is to assemble the letters to form the word Frenzy. The levels range from easy to extremely difficult and there are 30 levels to complete.

We loved how this game has an extremely in-depth tutorial that easily explains how to play the game. The first level is challenging and can be hard for players who aren’t used to thinking multiple steps ahead, but it can be a breeze for players who love games of that sort (e.g. chess).

The game is over in Just Frenzy! when a player fills up the screen with tiles that can’t be merged, which happens when players move letter tiles or warning tiles. This causes new tiles to appear and thus strategy and smart thinking is a requisite for this game.


Just Frenzy! Android Game Review

Just Frenzy! is a challenging puzzle game that can be addicting and is fun and enjoyable. It helps players learn to think ahead and can used as a neat educational tool for children!

Appearance and Layout

The appearance of Just Frenzy! consists of neonish colors that seem to be an attempt at being monochromatic but it appears rather unattractive. The font is also not very aesthetically appealing.

The layout of the app is well-designed and is easy to navigate through. The tutorial is easily accessible and although it is slightly difficult to read, it is thorough.

Overall, the general appearance and layout of Just Frenzy! is decent and the gameplay helps make up for the lack of graphics.


Just Frenzy! is free to install and only a 5.8 MB download. This game has only 30 levels but the difficulty is quite challenging and it is not an easy game to beat.  For a small download that packs a ton of challenging puzzles, we think that Just Frenzy is well worth the download. Give it a go and see if you can finish all of the levels!

downloadJust Frenzy! requires Android 4.0 and up. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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