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Pryvate Now is an Impressive Encryption App

Pryvate Now is an Impressive Encryption App

Pryvate Now – The Privacy App
Price: Free
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Pryvate Android App

Pryvate Android App

There is a growing awareness about online privacy, as well as an explosion of interest in mobile privacy and security apps for everything from communication and anonymous browsing to messaging and making calls.

Pryvate Now is a privacy app with a great set of features that will make sure you are communicating with your friends and family in the safest way possible.

 Let’s explore why Pryvate Now, from Criptyque -Pryvate Limited, is one of the most talked about apps in the privacy apps category.


The developers of Pryvate Now worked really hard to offer a new security solution and we think they managed to do it quite well covering texting, emails, calls, video chat and conferencing.

Their page in Google Play states that they won “2016 Best Business App”. While it is certainly well designed and quite useful, once you get passed the 30-day free trial, the cost of using it can quickly add up unless you opt for the free lite version.

Pryvate Android App

Pryvate Android App

Pryvate Now stands out from the competition, however, because it supposedly uses military-grade encryption technology. We’re not security experts so we don’t know in detail what that means.

It is easy to conclude though that this app uses different encryption technology than most of the other security/privacy apps on Google Play. Doing so allows Pryvate Now to offer better security in general, especially on calls.

In order to protect you from the hackers, unwanted prying eyes or others with malicious intent, you must do all calls, messages and communication through an encryption app like this one.

In order to use Pryvate Now, you will need to register, which is clear. We tested the app for the “crystal-clear call quality” they promise the app will offer and can say that this is true.

The call quality and the messaging are really stable and the app is very smooth. It also works with emails.

Each contact you communicate with through Pryvate has online status, so you can see when they are available for chat or messaging.

Design and Concept

The app is designed really tastefully. The UI is intuitive and easy to understand. The developers did an excellent job in terms of combining compelling looks with functionality.

The concept of the app is that the calls and messages you make and send, respectively, through the app are protected by RSA 4096-bit encryption technology, which is famous for being highly secure. It doesn’t involve any servers or middlemen in the communication, unlike the other popular messaging and communication apps.

This app is designed extremely functional and smart and is implemented professionally.


Many argue that Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber and the like are insecure. Although these apps are created and maintained by multimillion dollar companies and guarantee security and stability in calls and messaging, it is understandable that some of you may want a little more assurance.

If you are looking for an additional, ultra-secure messaging, video and call app, then Pryvate Now is one of the best solutions.

With the extended layers of security and the world-class top RSA 4096-bit encryption technology, it truly represents one of the safest and best ways to communicate with your friends, family or business partners.


Pryvate Now requires Android 3.0+. A small expedited fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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