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Enchanted Swipe Will Entertain, Challenge and Enchant You

Enchanted Swipe Will Entertain, Challenge and Enchant You

Enchanted Swipe
Price: Free
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Enchanted Swipe Android Game

Enchanted Swipe Android Game

From the recent studies, it has been identified that many people prefer to play mobile games that are associated with a simple concept. That’s mainly because they have many other commitments and they are looking for games in order to pass their leisure time.

In order to cater the demand for games that don’t require a huge time commitment, a large number of mobile application developers have taken the initiative to create innovative games that can be picked up and thoroughly enjoyed for any amount of time.

Enchanted Swipe can is a perfect example of a well-designed addictive puzzle game that is challenging, entertaining, and beautifully done.


Enchanted Swipe, developed by JB Studios, has some features that will remind you of some other games you may have played, such as the famous Temple Run and Subway Surfer.

The main objective is to guide the character through a variety of obstacles. A cartoonish interface has been provided to this game in order to make the things look clean and simple. Its unique graphics have also contributed a lot towards its popularity.

Once you start playing the game, you will be directed to an endless run and all you have to do is to guide the main character through given obstacles. Even though it sounds so simple, you will figure out that it is really not. You should also keep an eye on the stars that pop up on your way in order to maximize the points you collect.

Design and Gameplay

Enchanted Swipe Android Game

Enchanted Swipe Android Game

As you can see, Enchanted Swipe is another endless running game.

However, it comes along with fascinating 3D graphics and you would love to spend your leisure time with it. Moreover, this is an incredibly addictive game that goes beyond other popular endless running games available out there.

The exciting animations are well designed and perfectly executed.

Like in all the other endless running games, you can find a dedicated “store” in Enchanted Swipe, where you can purchase additional functionalities for the gems you collect. If you don’t know, gems can be collected while you are on the run and they appear on hard to access areas throughout the game.

Therefore, you need to think twice before you reach out to a gem because you need to verify that your life is not in danger. The gems that you collect can be used to purchase additional lives from the store. In addition, these gems can be used to receive booster packs that can help you throughout the entire journey.

Overall Value

The best thing about Enchanted Swipe is its Facebook integration. You can simply link your Facebook profile to Enchanted Swipe and challenge your friends for a run.

Not only that but you can also use this Facebook integration feature to help each other out.

This game can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for free. If you are looking for an addictive game to pass time, Enchanted Swipe is the best option available out there.


Enchanted Swipe requires Android 4.0.3 and up.

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