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Keep an Eye Remotely with AtHome Camera

Keep an Eye Remotely with AtHome Camera

AtHome Camera – Home Security
Price: Free
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AtHome Android App

AtHome Camera is a free remote surveillance app that lets its users monitor their IP cameras wherever they have an active connection (e.g. 3G/4G/WiFi).

Developed by iChano, AtHome Camera is a simple way to easily monitor your babies, homes, elderly, pets and anything else that you’d like to keep an eye on.

Ever contemplate getting a home surveillance camera but not wanting to shelve out tons of dough for it? AtHome Camera can help defer those costs. Only needing two old phones, you can establish a professional remote surveillance system with AtHome Camera and AtHome Video Streamer which makes for one very affordable way to stay aware of what goes on while you are away.


AtHome Camera features an incredible amount of functions for free, many of which tend to be seen only on professional, pay-to-use monitor systems.

These include remote monitoring anywhere with a network connection, scheduled recording, alarm recording, email and push notifications, two-way talk, encrypted connection between phone and video streaming device, pan and tilt to move your IP camera up/down/left/right (if it is capable), multiple platforms supported, cloud storage and split-screen viewing.

It was incredibly easy to set up AtHome Camera – simply download and install the AtHome Video Streamer App from the app store onto one device as a streamer and then download and install AtHome Camera on another device that you want to use as a viewer.

Users will be assigned a CID (Connection ID) the first time the app AtHome Video Streamer is launched, and when they install AtHome Camera on their other device, they simply need to type in their info (either by adding in their CID or by scanning a QR code) and login to see their live stream.

Their split-screen viewing lets users watch up to 4 different cameras on one screen simultaneously, a helpful feature when trying to monitor a house or a property.

AtHome Android App

AtHome Camera has the ability to record and store footage as well, which can be great for surveillance use. Another swell feature is the motion detection setting where users can be notified if motion is detected via push or email notifications.

As a baby monitor or elderly monitor the two-way talk feature is particularly useful and helpful.

AtHome Camera is a well-designed app full of useful features that everyone can use, whether you are the private eye or the average parent.

Appearance and Layout

AtHome Camera has a unique rectangular appearance with a red background and a streaming display box. It looks more like a program you’d find on your computer in its boxy appearance than something you would normally see on a mobile device. Its text is easily discernible.

The layout is simplistic and the options are not too vast (change users, Earn points, view recorded videos, rate the app, service transfer, etc.). The boxy layout design works well since its seems to be the same on each device, and everything is easy to find.

The appearance and layout of AtHome Camera makes this app a pleasure to use.


AtHome Camera is free. Its usefulness in being able to stream and monitor events live makes it a worthy download. Users will need at least two devices though, so if you have a spare device around why not hook it up for surveillance use?

Check it out and let us know what you think of it in the comments below.

AtHome Cameradownload requires Android 2.2 and up.

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