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Get Organized with TB List.Make Pro

Get Organized with TB List.Make Pro

TB List.Make Pro – Any Lists
Price: $2,99
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Reviewed by John Chau

TB List.Make Pro is a sleek and intuitive list app for Android devices that makes creating and using lists a breeze.

Developed by Tuplebits, TB List.Make Pro is user friendly, helpful, and can even be used with wearable Android devices!


TB List.Make Pro features all of the great features seen in its free version with a few added bonuses.

This means that it lets you create your own shopping and to-do lists, it supports voice commands to help facilitate adding items onto lists, and has free templates for over 1000 items to add (e.g. built-in grocery list, shopping mall template, and workout template). Both versions also let you view recent lists, share your lists via text or email, and change the theme colours.

The Pro feature differentiates from the Free version by disabling in-app ads, free upgrades and custom templates (allowing you to create and manage your own templates), and a continuous data backup so you don’t lose your lists. TB List.Make Pro also has built-in support and even a Missing Feature Request that you can submit to the developers.

One of the coolest features in TB List.Make Pro is that it works with wearable Android devices and allows an unlimited number of records to be data synchronized for your list and you can keep an offline copy of your list on your wearable without having to be constantly paired with your handheld device.


TB List.Make Pro Android App

TB List.Make Pro is similar to other list apps, but its pre-existing and custom template features help it to stand out amongst them.

We loved using it for grabbing our week’s worth of groceries while reviewing the app since it was such an ease to add and edit items on our list.

Appearance and Layout

TB List.Make Pro has an eye-pleasing appearance with calming color themes (which can be changed by the user) and its font size is perfect. We loved how it looks!

The layout is of TB List.Make Pro is sleek and intuitive making using it incredibly easy. Lists are easy to create, customize, and find and the built-in templates make it so incredibly easy that users of all types will find it simple and fun to use.

The appearance and layout of TB List.Make Pro is fantastic and we loved its minimalistic style.


TB List.Make Pro costs $2.99 and is only 10 MB to download. We found that it definitely helps make life easier with its amount of customizability, user-friendliness, and ability to make lists without having to find a pen and paper.

The data backup, lack of ads, and custom templates helps make the Pro version standout, but we weren’t quite sure that it was worth the extra $2.99.

Check it out and let us know what you think of it in the comments below.

downloadTB List.Make Pro requires Android 4.0 and up.

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