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Make Cheap International Calls with Rebtel

Make Cheap International Calls with Rebtel


Rebtel – Cheap International Calls
Price: Free
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Reviewed by John Chau

 is a unique phone calling app for Android devices that doesn’t require the use of WiFi to make a call.

Developed by Rebtel, the Rebtel Cheap International Calls app lets users from all over the world make cheap (or even free!) phone calls to others. Similar to Viber, but without any texting function, Rebtel is a unique calling app.


Rebtel features a simple phone calling app for your Android device that is free to use to call other Rebtel users, as well as cheap internet-free international calls.

This is what sets Rebtel apart from other calling apps, because for an inexpensive fee, you can use Rebtel without a Wi-Fi connection, even when you’re traveling around another country.

According to their website, Rebtel will “connect you through local phone lines which means you don’t need an internet connection to talk and you never have to worry about bad reception or dropping a call.” How exactly this works is a little bit of a mystery to us, but they essentially re-route your call to local numbers so that you aren’t charged outrageous international rates.


Rebtel Android App Review

One thing to note is that although it doesn’t require an internet connection to make a call, it still requires your phone to be picking up a cellular signal (it didn’t work for us when we had no Wi-Fi or cellular service and were in the middle of the mountains). The sound quality is about average and we didn’t have any of the typical disconnects that we usually have with Wi-Fi Calling apps.

Overall, for a simple way to call your friends and family without having to worry much about expensive international data charges when you’re overseas or when you are constantly needing to make international phone calls, Rebtel might just be the app for you.

Appearance and Layout

Rebtel looks great with universally-recognized icons along the top bar and a simple white-and-red color scheme.

The layout of Rebtel is easy to follow and use, but make sure to visit the Settings screen to customize and make certain everything is set how you want it to be.

The appearance and layout of Rebtel is smooth and really easy to use, and we loved how easy it was to find our contacts from our contacts list.


Rebtel is currently free to download and use for unlimited Rebtel app-to-app calling in 2016 (which will become $1/month starting in 2017). However, it is not free to call outside of the app and instead offers cheap rates for international calls (although the first 5 minutes are free for you to use after downloading the app).

We wish it also had texting, but paired with apps like Whatsapp, Rebtel can be a great way to stay in contact with your pals for cheap. Check their International Rates Pricing Guide for the specific costs for calling international lines (e.g. $10 for 400 minutes of  landline calling to South Africa), and remember that it is free to call app-to-app.

Check it out and let us know what you think of it in the comments below.

download (1)Rebtel requirements vary for each Android device.

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