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Lockdown Your Device with Paranoia

Lockdown Your Device with Paranoia

Paranoia: Protection from spy
Price: $1.40
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Reviewed by John Chau

Reviewed by John Chau

Paranoia is an effective security-based Android app that locks down your phone’s microphone and camera, and monitors its outgoing texts.

Developed by LocmanMobile, Paranoia is guaranteed to prevent others (e.g. hackers, security agencies) from spying on you through your phone and is a perfect app for anyone living in a nation where their privacy is limited.


Paranoia features three main anti-spy features. The first is the ability to turn off any type of sound recording that could be happening unknown to the phone’s owner.

This prevents the microphone from working and prevents any type of unknown eavesdropping.

The second is the ability to turn off the camera, thereby protecting the user from photos being taken without his or her permission.

The third is a bit more crafty than the other two and essentially protects the phone’s owner from any type of SMS spying.

Paranoia keeps track of all messages being sent out from your phone, even if they aren’t showing up in your Messages list. This lets users who think their phone might have been hacked into be able to see if there phone is transmitting messages to someone else under the radar.


Paranoia Android App Review

One of the best features in Paranoia (besides the other three) is that users can choose to whitelist certain apps (e.g. Instagram) which allows them to be used without having to bother with having to turn the app on/off.

This could provide a slight loophole in the security of the app, but users who willingly add apps to their whitelist are taking on that risk.

Note that for some phones, users must first remove Paranoia from the system administrator list before uninstalling other apps (as from LocmanMobile: “Settings – Location and Security – Device Administrator – deselect the Paranoia app – then uninstall whatever app you were trying to uninstall).

Overall, we found Paranoia to fill a nice niche for device security, especially in these days with news reports running rampant about agencies spying on citizens.

Appearance and Layout

Paranoia has a clean appearance with a green, yellow, and red color scheme (depends on level of security you have set), and the font is easy to read. The large shield icon stands out well and the entire app looks great.

The layout of Paranoia is minimalistic and fits perfectly with mobile devices. The icons are easy to find and understand, and the options/settings menu is easily discernible.

Overall, we thought that Paranoia looks fantastic!


Paranoia costs $1.40 on the Google Play Store and is only a 1.8 MB download. There’s also a free version.

If you’re at all worried about hackers or an uninvited government intruding into your device and listening to your private conversations, Paranoia will help give you peace of mind for less than $2 knowing that your device is locked down.

Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think of it in the comments below.

downloadParanoia requires Android 4.2 and up. A small expedited fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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