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Playboy Bikini Breezer Free Lite is a Fun Beach Party

Playboy Bikini Breezer Free Lite is a Fun Beach Party


Playboy Bikini Breezer Free Lite
Price: Free
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Playboy Bikini Breezer Free Lite Android Game

Playboy Bikini Breezer Free Lite Android Game

Now that summer is here are you dreaming of hitting the beach and having some fun with your friends? We certainly are!

Playboy Bikini Breezer delivers a combination of realistic graphics, tasteful animation and beautiful girls in a fun and attractive adult rated game.

With an interesting storyline and interesting gameplay this semi-erotic, arcade game, from Bikini Breezer, is a unique entertainment experience for men and maybe for some ladies too.

The beautiful girls, beaches and excitement offers something that will take you away the monotony of the everyday life. Let’s see what this game exactly has to offer and whether it is executed in the right way. Sometimes men can be pretty easy to please, all they need is beautiful girls in bikinis.

Concept and Idea

Playboy Bikini Breezer Free Lite Android Game

Playboy Bikini Breezer Free Lite Android Game

The concept of the game is lovely and smartly targeted.

Men that are fans of Playboy, will definitely love this game.

The idea of one girl that is interrupted by countless obstacles on the beach is fun and innovative. The main character is this lovely, well-endowed, Playboy model that is constantly attacked by flying objects.

In her journey she can protect herself with your control. However, the developer could’ve added more “weapons” or skills to the main character so she can protect herself better.

Overall, it’s a fun and interesting idea but lacks a bit in the actual gaming aspect to be perfect.

Features and Graphics

Like we said you are controlling a Playboy model. When you think you can freely walk on the beach there will be many flying objects that will try to distract you.

The goal of the game is to avoid them with simple movements. We are talking about neatly designed flying objects like beach balls, sandy towels, umbrella’s etc.

You will control the model with simple tilts on any side that is necessary. If you don’t do it she would fall and you will lose.

In terms of graphics and sound effects, you got to give credit to the developers of this game.

The graphics are stunning with lots of details. Every objects is beautifully drawn and designed. The colors are incredible and the effects as well.

The fact that random girls (which look extremely beautiful and sexy), can walk into the line of the main character is amazing as well.

Hats off to the imagination and taste of the designers and animators that worked on Bikini Breezer.

They certainly did an amazing job created characters and atmosphere that make this game a terrific summer diversion.

Final Thoughts – A worthy Download?

If you don’t mind a little anime nudity and you are a fan of Playboy, you will have great time with the game.

It’s tastefully designed, sexy, but definitely not rude, with tons of great features and a so called “revealing” twist that makes the game even more exciting.

Overall, even though the game is not available on Google Play or App Store, we didn’t see it as objectionable or in poor taste, and in fact it really doesn’t have that much nudity. So, it’s nothing too scary, just a little Playboy model that is trying to walk on the beach, which you need to control. Great fun for any guy!

You can check out the full version here.


Playboy Bikini Breezer Free Lite requires Android 2.3 and up. A small expedited fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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  1. awesome game very addictive love playing it!!

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