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LAN Messenger is Perfect for Work Groups

LAN Messenger is Perfect for Work Groups

Softros LAN Messenger
Price: Free
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Softros LAN Messenger Android App

Softros LAN Messenger Android App

If you work in a group then you know that it can be a real challenge quickly communicating with other members of your group. You many need to update a project or change the time of a meeting. Whatever the message is, it needs to move quickly and to just the right people.

Thanks to Softros LAN Messenger, from Softros Systems, Inc., it’s now easier than ever.

The app was designed specifically to exchange messages within a company network and is perfect for secure and private inter-company messaging. It’s quick, simplistic, and totally free in the Google Play Store.

Concept and Functionality 

If you have used any other messaging applications, and we know you have, then LAN Messenger will seem rather familiar—up to a point, that is. The app allows you to send a message to another user on your company’s LAN and also quickly and easily set up your own virtual meeting or chat room.

Softros LAN Messenger Android App

Softros LAN Messenger Android App

Groups can be pre-arranged so that employees in the same department or job description all receive the same message. This is incredibly convenient when, for example, you want to send one message to everyone in marketing and additional details to everyone in marketing management.

However, there’s a big difference between Softros LAN Messenger and its major competitors. Essentially, it frees you up from having to be connected to a dedicated local server or a third-party server. In addtion, since it is completely based on a company’s LAN, it does not even require users to have an internet connection.

The fact that messages stay on a company’s LAN, and do not ever wind up on an outside server can be huge for discussing private or confidential information. Combine that with its AES-256 encryption, and outside parties are completely prevented from accessing your company’s confidential information. BAM! Take that corporate hackers!

It’s a neat innovation, and it makes Softros LAN Messenger much more valuable to those that want to send business-oriented messages, rather than social ones.

Design and Interface

It also helps that Softros LAN Messenger is so easy to use and has a clean spartan-esque interface. It’s not the slickest interface we’ve ever seen, but it’s certainly not the worst. In fact, we like the minimalistic simplicity. You can send a message to your recipient of choice in a matter of seconds if need be.

You’re not just limited to Android devices either. Simply install the Softros LAN Messenger application on your Android device and connect to your company network via WiFi to see other Android, Windows, and Mac OS users who are available to chat.

Finally, while the app is perfect for a LAN in one location, larger companies are not left out. For companies with several branches connected via Ethernet, VLAN, or VPN, the Softros LAN Messenger can be configured to work across multiple sub-networks.

Overall Value

We think Softros LAN Messenger is a terrific solution that will appeal to many companies, large and small. It’s functional and free, that’s a pretty compelling value in our book.

The only drawback that we can see is that you are limited to messages. Sometimes, however, you need to add a file to the message. Unfortunately at this time file transfers are not supported. We expect that to change soon and when it does this will definitely be a five star app.

lan-qrSoftros LAN Messenger requires Android 4.0 and up. A small expedited fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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