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Call Log Analytics Tracks All of Your Call Data

Call Log Analytics Tracks All of Your Call Data

Call Log Analytics
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Call Log Analytics Android App

Call Log Analytics Android App

There are many apps on the Android platform that provide with complete call summaries and statistics, including incoming, outgoing and missed calls.

Some of them even let you track data usage. Today we’ve picked one Android app that allows you to find call stats on your device, an effective tool which is very useful for people who actually uses their smartphones to talk to people.

Call Log Analytics is an amazing app designed with an intuitive and polished user interface that’s simple, clutter-free, and easy-to-use.

Concept and Idea

The concept of the Call Log Analytics, from Qohlo, is appealing and smartly targeted.

If you are one of the rare breeds in these tech days, one of those people who actually use their mobile phones to call their friends and family once in a while, instead of using the social media apps, this app will certainly give you out the call data overview you need.

If you use your cell phone for business, the benefits of this app are even greater.

The idea is to help you out with analyzing all call data on your device, so the developers successfully created an app which you can use for monitoring your call data.

Features and Graphics

Call Log Analytics Android App

Call Log Analytics Android App

Like we already stated, the app is user friendly, so you will be able to manage it very easily.

The graphics are soothing and appealing to any eye and all of the included features are well organized and easily traceable.

With it, you can analyze your calls by duration, frequency and recency, you can apply filters like data range, outgoing and incoming calls and search for any contacts and know its analytics.

Also, the app allows you to view overall statistics and it offers major help to keep infinite call history record (you are well aware that Android lets you keep only 500 calls and automatically deletes old ones).

Other great features are the notifications that alert you for the last call duration.

You will be able to export your call data to CSV and email and to import the CSV to any Excel reader. Perform your personal analysis and match your carrier bills, view the call minutes and backup endless call log data to your Google Drive account.

If you reset or switch your phone, the Call Log Analytics app allows you to restore the call logs to it.


The bottom line is that Call Log Analytics is a handy and very useful Android app for tracking your call data on your smartphone.

Of course to do what it does and function properly it requires multiple permissions, such as permission to read your contacts, your call log, phone state, cell phone and to write on your SD card.

Helpful and easy to use, this app will provide you with quick and detailed summaries, analysis and overviews of your call data.


Call Log Analytics requires Android 4.1 and up.

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