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Find Markets with Mercactivate

Find Markets with Mercactivate

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Reviewed by John Chau

Mercactivate is an easy to use Spanish language android app that helps users find local markets in or near their town or city.

Developed by Mercactivate®, Mercactivate is a great app for Spanish speakers to use as they navigate through cities they live in, or are visiting, looking for markets selling specific wares.


Mercactivate features an easy way to find out where markets are, what they sell, and what their schedule is like.

Users can simply search for products nearby and see nearby markets selling them with the built-in map, since Mercactivate uses the phone’s built-in GPS.

This is great for navigating unfamiliar places and finding those neat little shops that sell items found nowhere else on earth.

Mercactivate also lets users view images of the markets that other users have taken, which helps in find your way around a market when you arrive in person.

Mercactivate can be used by sellers to advertise and deal with buyers, making the app a type of localized Craigslist-type buying/selling app with pictures and a less sketch user-base. Users can comment on sellers stalls, rank their favorites and share them with friends, ask for more regulations, warn other users of bad deals, and suggest different markets to visit for the other app users.


Mercactivate Android App Review

Mercactivate needs a solid user-base to continue growing, and although we loved the idea of it, it seems to have a  limited user base (only markets in Spain, and the app is mostly in Spanish).

Overall, we found Mercactivate to be a decent app for Spanish speakers in Spain and we enjoyed the concept of it.

Appearance and Layout

Mercactivate looks phenomenal with a friendly hue of background blue and white text. The mercadillos are easy to view and the developers did a superb job in making the app look nice with an overall smooth feel.

The layout of Mercactivate is easy to maneuver through and the map’s layout is stellar. The dropdown menu and icons are simple to understand for anyone!

Overall, we loved how clean and inviting Mercactivate looks!


Mercactivate is free on the Google Play Store and is only a 7.4 MB download.

Although it’s targeted toward Spanish speakers, it can be a huge help for the unfamiliar tourist looking to step up their Spanish skills while at the same time finding local markets to practice their Spanish at as they barter for various goods.

Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think of it in the comments below.

downloadMercactivate requires Android 4.0 and up.

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