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Pryvate Now Secures Your Communications

Pryvate Now Secures Your Communications

Pryvate Now – The Privacy App
Price: Free
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Pryvate Now Android App

Pryvate Now Android App

Privacy is one of the biggest problems in technology and the Internet right now. We seem to believe that the native operating system is protecting us from fraudulent activities, but we often fail to realize that it is not like that.

However, there are apps that promise to guarantee privacy and protect our data.


Pryvate Now is a messaging and communication tool that provides jaw-dropping privacy and safety features.

The app, from Criptyque -Pryvate Limited, has been praised by many websites and even won some awards, adding credibility to the developer’s claims of its quality.

All that is true, but this app is not without its own challenges. It took too long for us to get in, the subscription models, while perfect for business with privacy needs, are bit too expensive for individuals.

Of course if all you need is a password manager, this app may be overkill. However, Pryvate Now aims at a higher level of functionality by providing a truly safe messaging system.

Concept and Idea

Pryvate Now Android App

Pryvate Now Android App

The concept and idea are there. You can’t argue that. Pryvate Now is one of the rare messaging apps that secure their user’s data with no servers at all.

This is done with the powerful RSA-4096-bit encryption technology.

This combination with various communication tools like email and messaging make Pryvate Now the only app you’ll need regarding secure communications.

Interface & Design

Like we said you can easily use it as your next communication tool.

The email integration is easy and the app overall syncs your contacts easily. However, note that this is a VOIP app, which means that you’ll be able to communicate with it only if the other person you are trying to communicate with has the app.

The app has instant messaging, video chat, photo messaging, besides the email communication. You can also see the online status of any of your contacts.

If you want to destroy and get rid of messages, call history or any data related to your communication within the app you can easily do that with few simple steps. This is a nice option of Pryvate Now that functions quite well.

Regarding the design and intuitiveness, to put it simply, they nailed it!

The sleek combination of white and blue and the beautiful typography make Pryvate Now a joy to use.

When you add all the other organizational elements, like where they’ve put the emails, chats and attachment of files, I can easily say that everything is at the right place!


While the app can lag sometimes and you may have problems subscribing or start using the app (problems with PIN), once you are in you will find it pretty handy and easy to use.

Overall it is a solid communication tool with great safety and privacy features.


Pryvate Now requires Android 3.0 and up.

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  1. Yet another secure messenger? I think I found the one I’ll stick with – Threema. Can be used anonymously, looks great, is regularly updated. However, it’s not free.

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