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Your Kids Will Have Fun While Learning With Look & Find

Your Kids Will Have Fun While Learning With Look & Find

Look & Find: Fun Activities!
Price: Free
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Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

If your child is starting to build their vocabulary, there’s no better way to help them grow than to provide them with educational apps and games.

This is a fun way to compliment standardized ways of learning, such as reading.

Look & Find: Fun Activities! is a great example of a well designed app that’s perfect for preschoolers. It teaches kids new words by encouraging them to search for objects in various illustrations.

It’s a wonderful game that’s sure to capture your child’s attention and excite them.

Concept and Functionality

Look & Find, created by Booty Bay Games, is full of fantastic animations and adorable illustrations.

Parents don’t need to worry about their child having a difficult time navigating the app because it’s very simple and easy to figure out.

This means kids can spend more time having fun and less time getting frustrated with a complicated interface.

There are currently three themes for kids to explore in Look & Find: the zoo, the countryside, and the beach. However, the zoo theme is the only one that’s immediately available with the free download.

To interact with the app, you must locate the five objects listed on the left side of the screen within the scene. Simply tap on them and they’ll disappear from the list. Once all objects are discovered, kids are taken back to the main screen where they can choose another scene.

Each theme contains four scenes, and each scene consists of five objects for kids to locate. That means a grand total of 12 scenes and 60 objects. In short, there are plenty of things for kids to do and see!


Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Look & Find Android App

Look & Find includes plenty of outstanding features for both kids and parents. For example, there is absolutely no advertising in the app.

This provides kids with a safe and fun environment to play and gives parents peace of mind. In-app purchases and the settings menu are blocked with a math equation to help deter kids from accidentally accessing them.

Look & Find supports six different languages and parents can easily switch languages in the settings menu. This is invaluable for young children who are learning a new language.


Look & Find is available to download from Google Play for free. Each additional theme costs $0.99 to download, which is incredibly reasonable considering the amount of content you can unlock for such a small price.

Plus, the free zoo theme gives kids a chance to decide whether or not they like the game enough to keep playing.

Overall, I think Look & Find is a fantastic addition to any parent’s library. The app provides plenty of learning opportunities for your child without breaking the bank.

Look & Find is also available to download from the App Store for free and is universally compatible with iPhone and iPad.

look_and_find_android.jpgLook & Find: Fun Activities! requires Android 4.1+.

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