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Kids Learn about Time with KazuTime

Kids Learn about Time with KazuTime

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Reviewed by John Chau

Reviewed by John Chau

KazuTime is a very cool new app designed  teach kids about the concept of time. It’s specifically for children 3-8 years old and uses an animated husky puppy named Kazu to get the job done.

KazuTime shows children how much time they have left to complete certain assigned tasks with the trifecta of cues – auditory, visual, and tactile.

Developed by Broad Innovation Tek Inc., KazuTime is an effective way to teach children how time works and relieves some of the stress, anger, and disappointment from the parents.


KazuTime features an interactive way for young learners to understand the concept of time and how time passes.

Users simply set up the tasks and the time allotted for each one, and the app itself provides some of the motivation for young children to the task(s). As they do their task in real life, the in-app character named Kazu moves toward his end destination (which is dependent on the theme).

Once the puppy reaches the destination, the time is up (or if the task is completed ahead of time a simple tap puts Kazu at the destination) and stars are earned (plus whatever real-world reward the parent/teacher decides to give).

It’s a unique way to incorporate modern technology with chores and motivational techniques and can be great for children.


KozuTime Android App Review

KazuTime incorporates a simple timer with audio and vibration options alongside user-set tasks for children to complete, thus adding in a few different senses to allow the children to better understand time.

Parents or teachers can easily personalize the app by uploading custom pictures and add a custom description for various tasks not found on the stock app. It also allows tasks to be saved so common tasks won’t have to be re-created every time they’re needed.

Users can accumulate shooting stars for every tasks complete (with the amount dependent on how fast the task is completed) and KazuTime keeps track of how many shooting stars are accumulated. Users can also add in a buddy for Kazu as an optional task mode.

Overall, it can be a neat way to educate children about time, and to motivate them to finish their chores or tasks quickly.

Appearance and Layout

KazuTime welcomes its users in with a friendly, colorful design that incorporates several different themes (via in-app purchases) with various task templates for users to assign to their children. The puppies are attractive and the whole app appears very child-friendly and appealing.

The layout is smooth and easy to use – simply tap through each user-friendly step and then have your child complete the tasks assigned to them during the time-frame that you’ve set. The options are varied and each step is customizable to each user’s preferences (sky color, theme, time, etc.).

Overall, we enjoyed using the app and found it remarkably well-developed and easy to use.


KazuTime costs $2.99 on the Google Play Store and is 20.54 MB to download.

This fun and educational app is a terrific way to help your child learn about how to maximize his or her time effectively and makes this app really stand out from simple timer apps.

For those who want more themes, they can be purchased for $0.99 each via an in-app purchase. Overall, we think it’s perfect for families whose children struggle in understanding the concept of time.

Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think of it in the comments below.

downloadKazuTime requires Android 4.0.3 and up.

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