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WeatherBug Gives You a Jump on the Weather

WeatherBug Gives You a Jump on the Weather

WeatherBug – Forecast & Radar
Price: Free
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Reviewed by John Chau

WeatherBug is a very well designed app featuring tons of useful features for users around the world to stay up to date with developing weather and alerts.

Developed by Earth Networks, WeatherBug’s quality is evidenced by the fact that it is the longest existing weather app designed for everyday users.


WeatherBug has the largest amount of professional weather monitoring stations in North America (plus 2.6 million worldwide), and hence its app is full of weather-related features that are extremely helpful in monitoring the weather.

Users can receive WeatherBug’s Spark™ Lightning Alerts which, according to WeatherBug, gives them important Dangerous Thunderstorm Alerts 50% quicker than other notifying apps.

Not only that, but WeatherBug has 18 animated maps that provide information dependant on what type of conditions users need. These layovers show various radar-related weather and the live Doppler radar helps users see where the storm is heading.

An impressively unique feature that WeatherBug has is its Home Connect feature that essentially allows WeatherBug to connect to your smart thermostat (if your home has one) which helps you save money and energy.

WeatherBug lets you receive forecasts for your “lifestyle activities” (e.g. outdoor sports, gardening, allergies, etc.) to help you make better choices on weather-dependent activities.

WeatherBug Android App Review

WeatherBug Android App Review

Overall, we found WeatherBug to be full of useful features that work for both the basic user who simply needs to check the forecast and for the more advanced user who loves to track storms.

Appearance and Layout

WeatherBug has a slightly cluttered appearance due to all of its numerous features, but it’s streamlined enough to work smoothly for the average user (after a few minutes of dabbling with various setting).

The maps looks fantastic and the layovers are easy to setup. The tiles and icon colors look great as well.

The layout is fairly easy to navigate through once users learn the basics of the app. There is a decent amount of customizability in the app so users can customize their weather tiles and arrange them however they want to.

The app is also available in 3 languages (English, Spanish, and Portuguese), and users can change between imperial and metric units.

Overall, we found WeatherBug to be fairly easy to use once we spent a few minutes dabbling around with it, so keep in mind that there is a small (but easy) learning curve.


WeatherBug is free on the Google Play Store and has quite a few in-app advertisements.

WeatherBug packs a tremendous value into its Android app and is an incredibly useful app to have, especially for those who live in places where significant weather events happen and for whom this app could potentially be a lifesaver!

Overall, we found it to be well worth the download.

Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think of it in the comments below.

downloadWeatherBug requirements vary with device. 

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