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File Expert: Your Go To App for All of Your File Organization Needs

File Expert: Your Go To App for All of Your File Organization Needs

File Expert – file manager
Price: Free
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Reviewed by Philip Chan

Reviewed by Philip Chan

Looking for an app that can conveniently and cohesively locate all your files on your device at once? The File Expert app can do just that and so much more.

File Expert – file manager not only allows you to access all your files at a few taps of your fingers, but also manages all your files on your internal and external SD cards and as well as the cloud.

This app is developed by GMobile and provides the perfect tool for keeping you organized and steps ahead.


The name of the app says it all. Not only can you access all your files on your device, SD cards, and cloud sources all at once, but you can also manage them.

Whether it is renaming them, categorizing them, or moving them to a different location, this app can do the job for you.

One of the unique features of the File Expert app that we particularly love is that it automatically syncs your files between your cloud sources and your device.

You can sync files from your personal cloud sources (such as Google Drive and Dropbox), or even create your own private cloud source through the app itself by installing the FE Private Cloud client on your PC and then access your account through this app.

File Expert Android App

File Expert Android App

It also records the history of each time you sync, which is a unique feature that is not common with other file organization apps.

Appearance and Layout

With an easy side viewing menu pane, you can select from which location you want to view your files: SD card, external SD card, device system, various cloud networks, and so on.

Each location you select will take you to an additional side screen that showcases all the files that it contains. You can also access regular device features such as your photo gallery, music, videos, documents, and other applications.

If you would like to add a personal cloud account to the app, you can do so by accessing the “Manage Network Sources” via the menu pane.

Simple and easy to read monochromatic backdrop with bright blue icons and accents make this app even more effortless to use.


The File Expert app is free to download and is perfect for those who appreciate organization and ease of mind.

You have the choice to upgrade your account from the starter edition to enjoy additional features such as recovering deleted files, color coding files, switching data plans, and much more.

This app does contain advertisements, but they are remotely located on the bottom of the app screen and are barely noticeable and non-distracting. If you want, the advertisements can be removed for an additional cost.

File ExpertFile Expert – file manager requires Android 4.1 and up.

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