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NEV Privacy Secures Your Photos, Videos, and Apps

NEV Privacy Secures Your Photos, Videos, and Apps

NEV Privacy – Hide, AppLock
Price: Free
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Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Keeping your privacy intact is difficult to do, especially in today’s technological world. Our smartphones and tablets contain sensitive information that we wouldn’t want others getting into, yet it happens every day.

NEV Privacy puts privacy back in your hands by putting you in control.

Created by Nevways, this helpful app is easy to use and offers plenty of features.

Concept and Functionality

Keeping your device save is difficult enough, but keeping the content on it private sometimes feels borderline impossible.

This is especially true if you’re a parent or someone who shares their phone or tablet with others. NEV Privacy aims to create a secure environment where users can store their photos and videos, as well as lock apps and even hide icons.

Use of NEV Privacy does require an account, but the setup process is quick and painless. At first you can set up a numerical passcode, but this can optionally be changed to a pattern lock in the settings menu. There is no advantage to either lock except for which one is easier for you to remember.

While NEV Privacy is pretty easy to set up and use, the app requires you to enter your passcode or pattern lock every time you access your photos or videos. This wouldn’t be an issue if it did it once every couple of minutes, but if you’re actively navigating the app you have to enter the passcode multiple times per minute. We’d like to see a customizable timeout capability here.


Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

NEV Privacy Android App

NEV Privacy definitely delivers when it comes to helping to protect your apps and media. It goes beyond that to include helpful features such as the ability to hide the app’s icon.

This is useful if you don’t want others to know you have NEV Privacy installed on your device, but you’re able to access it using the phone dialer. The only drawback is that Android devices without phone functionality, such as tablets or TV boxes, can’t take advantage of this feature.

NEV Privacy can even protect itself from being uninstalled by someone who is trying to gain access to your apps.


NEV Privacy can be downloaded from Google Play for free. I couldn’t find any in-app purchases or a way to disable ads, which is a bit disappointing because the ads do get annoying after awhile.

Overall, NEV Privacy is a useful privacy app that has tons of features and slight annoyances that will likely either make or break it for you.

My favorite feature is app locking functionality, but I do like the fact that you can protect your photos and videos as well.

nev_privacy.jpgNEV Privacy requires Android 3.0+.

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