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Wake Up On Time With Solid Alarm Clock

Wake Up On Time With Solid Alarm Clock

Solid Alarm Clock Extended
Price: Free
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Reviewed by John Chau

Solid Alarm Clock Extended features a stunning design and will make sure you heavy sleepers will never again miss an appointment.

Developed by Solllidsoft, Solid Alarm Clock Extended sounds an alarm you can’t ignore and gets you alerted at the right time with the right alarm modes.


Solid Alarm Clock Extended is essentially a much upgraded version of the stock Clock app that most devices already have.

It’s primary feature is to make sure you wake up when the alarm goes off, and the developers did a swell job with that.

Users can customize each alarm to their own settings, which can be anything from a basic alarm tone to a custom sound. The Easy Wake Up mode starts out slowly with nature sounds and then slowly increases its volume, before transitioning to the Strong Wake Up mode which includes extremely annoying loud noise that should wake up anyone in the vicinity.

There are a limited number of snoozes that the user can set for each alarm as well.

Solid Alarm Clock Extended has a unique feature called “Not to be in the wrong box,” which basically means that your alarm will first play a short sound before switching to the Easy Wake Up and Strong Wake Up sounds.

This is so that if you forgot to switch off a pre-set alarm from the day before, and you’re in a business meeting now, you’ll hear the short sound and be able to quickly turn off the alarm before the dead are risen with the Strong Wake Up mode and you get kicked out of the meeting.

Keep in mind that this alarm clock can wake everybody in your house as it is made for those who are hard sleepers.

Lastly, the other unique feature the app has are the various Turn Off Modes. These range from math problems (customized to user-set complexity levels) to a maze (which occasionally lagged, making it even more of a noxious way to turn off an annoying alarm but hey, it’s guaranteed to wake you up!) and even to a Camera option (only available in the Pro Version of the alarm clock) that forces you to take a picture of a user-set object in order to turn off the alarm.

Solid Alarm Clock Android App Review

Solid Alarm Clock Android App Review

Overall, Solid Alarm Clock Extended has some great features for Android users who are tired of the typical stock alarm clocks on the market, and we liked how it’s almost guaranteed that it’ll wake you up.

Appearance and Layout

Solid Alarm Clock Extended has a remarkably simple appearance, showing just a digital clock readout display. The background is a calming deep ocean blue color and the clock text is very easy to read.

The layout is also incredibly simple, with only two options to tap on from the main screen. The bottom right icon is the standard Settings icon and tapping it leads you to a rather in-depth options menu with numerous grammatically incorrect sentences.

Tapping the Alarm Modes options brings the user to the many different options mentioned above in the Features section.

The bottom left icon is the Add-Alarm icon and makes it easy to add in personalized alarms.

There is no back button in the app, something that we didn’t particularly like, which forces the user to use their devices’s Back button, but other than that the layout and design is smooth.


For a free app that has minimal ads, Solid Alarm Clock Extended is an incredible deal. Coming in at around 13 MB to download (although the size varies with device), and with the added value of time saved due to being punctual and not being able to simply press a snooze button, Solid Alarm Clock Extended can save your day.

The unique features in Solid Alarm Clock set it apart from the other alarm apps out there and although it can be incredibly annoying, it gets its job done at waking you up.

Overall, we liked using Solid Alarm Clock Extended and found it to be much better than the stock Clock app that comes with most Android devices.

Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think of it in the comments below.

downloadSolid Alarm Clock Extended requirements vary with device. 

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