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AUTOsist Helps You Keep Your Vehicles Maintained

AUTOsist Helps You Keep Your Vehicles Maintained

AUTOsist – Car Maintenance & Gas Log App
Price: Free
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Review by John Chau

Car Maintenance and Gas Log App is the perfect Android app for every vehicle owner making it easy to keep up-to-date info and maintenance logs.

Developed by AUTOsist, Car Maintenance and Gas Log App keeps all of the important records and information regarding each car in a safe and easily accessible place, making it a breeze when transferring the vehicle to someone else.


Car Maintenance and Gas Log App is full of useful features when it comes to keeping your vehicle maintained. It makes it easy to take photos of your auto receipts and store them securely for your records, as well as upload the documents in the glovebox of the app (e.g. insurance card, registration, and title) which uses the cloud for easy document access when away from their vehicle.

Users can then access those same records from anywhere via the app and transfer them to a new owner with just a simple click.


AUTOsist Car Maintenance and Gas Log Android App

Car Maintenance and Gas Log App also lets its users set reminders (e.g. oil change) and keep an accurate fuel log. The fuel log averages out their Miles Per Gallon (MPG) and total amount of money spent on fuel.

You can choose to add as many vehicles of any type to the app, which keeps separate service records for each, although only the first vehicle and 100 records are free. If you consistently use Car Maintenance and Gas Log App’s reminder system it can help prolong each vehicle’s life with scheduled maintenance thanks the app’s reminders.

We found Car Maintenance and Gas Log App to be a remarkable app that helped with each vehicle’s resale value by being easy to access without having to deal with stacks of crumpled receipts and lapses of memory.

It’s as easy as selecting “Run Service History Report” and have the entire vehicle history show up immediately as a PDF document or sent via an email.

Appearance and Layout

Car Maintenance and Gas Log App has a clean, tidy appearance with auto-shop vibes in its orange, brown, and white color scheme. The text is easy to read and the icons are superb. Photos taken are clear and the PDF reports show up neatly.

Keep in mind that when adding in Services, the Title can’t be too long or it won’t show up completely in the report.

The layout is easy to follow and the icons make it a breeze to understand. The Settings aren’t complicated and the entire app runs smoothly.


Car Maintenance and Gas Log App is a free app from the App store that can improve your vehicle’s resale value and save both your time and your money.

For users who want to add more than one vehicle (and/or more than 100 records), several In-App Purchases can be bought, ranging from $3.99 (one time) to $49.99 (per year).

Overall, we enjoyed using Car Maintenance and Gas Log App for our vehicles and is a very helpful addition to any vehicle owner’s toolkit.

Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think of it in the comments below.

download (1)Car Maintenace and Gas Log App requires Android version 4.03 and up. 

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