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Play Matchmaker with Spritzr

Play Matchmaker with Spritzr

Price: Free
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Reviewed by Philip Chan

Reviewed by Philip Chan

Enjoy playing matchmaker with your friends and acquaintances? Or maybe you’d like to see who you could be compatible with among your circle of colleagues.

Spritzr if a fun new compatibility app that let’s you see if your friends are compatible with each other, or even with you.


Online dating sites and dating apps are a dime a dozen, so why would you care about one more? Trust us on this one, Spritzr is different than the others and tons of fun to use.

Instead of providing you a selection of random strangers as a potential match, it pairs you with people you may know.

If you’re already in a relationship you can still have fun with the app. In that case you get the opportunity to play matchmaker and suggest matches for your friends, or even anonymously for the app community.

Unfortunately Spritzr, developed by Spritzr, does require you to login in with your personal Facebook account, so if you don’t already have one, you will need to create one. Once you login, you will select whether you’re in a relationship or are single. You can always switch later if the circumstances change.

Appearance and Layout

Spritzr Android App Review

Spritzr Android App

Spritzr sports a very clean and straightforward design that’s a blast to use.

No directions or instructions are necessary to use this app. There is a side menu available to view potential messages, invite friends, and edit your settings.

If you play as a matchmaker you can either choose to match your friends or someone in the app community. You get 10 matches per day. If you play as someone seeking a match for yourself, you can fill in the details about yourself so a better match can be made.


 Spritzr is free of charge. What better way to find a possible relationship for yourself or a friend without costing a penny?

Even if the first match doesn’t pan out, there are still many opportunities for another potential match, so no harm and no foul, especially since you don’t have to pay to use this app.

Spritzr 3Spritzr requires Android 4.1 and up.

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