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Protect the World of Narr in ShadowBlood

Protect the World of Narr in ShadowBlood

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Reviewed by John Chau

Reviewed by John Chau

ShadowBlood is a thrilling new Korean action RPG for Android devices that will blow you away.

Although it is still currently under development, we were able to test out ShadowBlood’s pre-North American release and were blown away by it!

We have yet to play an RPG that incorporates so many of the computer-based RPG styles into a mobile-friendly game like ShadowBlood.


ShadowBlood stands marks above the other action RPGs out on the market with its highly realistic graphics, remarkable gameplay, and it’s online multiplayer system.

When we played ShadowBlood, we could hardly believe we were playing the game on just our Android tablet. The character movements were fluid and the graphics were 3-D and well designed. The user-interface and the simple controls made it feel like we were playing on a computer.

ShadowBlood’s gameplay is excellent with a wide variety of characters to play as, ranging from warriors to rangers. Players set out on a campaign that places them along a timeline of various Dungeons to complete, each successive one being unlocked after completing the previous one.

Players can choose  to run through each dungeon on their own using the manual movement wheel to move around and tapping the attack button to attack, but there is also an “Auto Battle” setting that we found to be rather interesting.

This enables the player’s character to automatically run through each dungeon and attack whatever enemies he or she comes against, which can be fun to watch but not necessarily the wisest strategic approach.

ShadowBlood Android Game Review

ShadowBlood Android Game Review

Players complete each dungeon typically by defeating a boss-like enemy at the end. Players can choose to play the game solo or they can group up with their pals who also have the game and run the dungeons as a team.

Players can choose to equip and customize their character with various armor, weapons, and accessories (like most RPGs). Players can also spend Crystals to change their Costume in the Costume store. Items can be enchanted as well, and as characters level up, players can assign different skill points to them to further customize their abilities.

Players can also earn rewards by completing various Missions (e.g. getting to Level 2 earns you 200 crystals) but they must go to the Mission tab and manually select the missions they’ve completed to be rewarded.

Overall, ShadowBlood features many of the same type of features that other RPGs have, but it makes its mark by having superb graphics and a gameplay that is similar to computer-based RPGs.

Appearance and Layout

ShadowBlood looks phenomenal and we’re excited for their North American release. As of yet, the game is in Korean, and although users can change the Language settings to English, there is still quite a bit of Translation work to be completed in this early pre-release.

The items, characters, and text all look good and are easy to see. As we mentioned before in the Features, one of the things we loved about ShadowBlood is its amazing graphics.

The layout is easy to use once the game has been switched to English, and although we encountered a few pieces of text that were entirely in Korean, we managed to figure our way around the game with a bit of trial-and-error.

Since ShadowBlood is an action RPG, it follows the layout of most other RPGs (e.g. movement wheel, attack button, health bar, and other commonly used UIs).

Overall, we loved playing ShadowBlood and are keen to see it fully finalized and released with English translations in North America.


Currently, players can pre-register to play the game when it will be soft released mid/end of January.

The app itself is about 50 MB to download, then it has about a 350 MB in-game download players must finish before being able to access the game.

Keep an eye on their FaceBook page and the Developer’s website for ShadowBlood’s 1st Quarter of 2017 Release. Let us know what you think of it in the comments below.

downloadShadowBlood doesn’t have it’s Android App Requirements available yet.

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