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Think Your Way Through Tiltspace

Think Your Way Through Tiltspace

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Reviewed by John Chau

Tiltspace is a very cool thinking puzzle game that requires its players to use their brain and their skills to complete each level.

Developed by Logicnap, Tiltspace involves successfully getting little Tiltspacers out of multiple mazes and will keep you entertained for hours.

It’s a great game for anyone who loves to play maze puzzle games.


Tiltspace features puzzles after puzzles to complete and requires ample amounts of brainstorming as players think their way through each level. The first world is fairly easy to complete but from then on the levels increase dramatically in their difficulty.

Enemy Tiltspacers enter into the levels and players must prevent them from reaching the goal – yet they copy every move of the player which makes one have to think several steps ahead.

Keep in mind that you can still swipe in a direction that is blocked for your character but the enemy Tiltspacers can still move there.

As players progress through the different worlds, various new challenges arise (e.g. World 2 sometimes requires matching multiple Tiltspacers with specific coloured-coded portals instead of having to deal with enemy Tiltspacers).

Tiltspace has a swell electronic soundtrack accompanying its levels that helps keep the overall vibe and is calm enough to players think.

We found it fairly unique that players who get entirely stumped can get a hint on how to complete that level by watching an advertisement – although when we tried to play the advertisement, the app kept restarting back to the main screen and we didn’t get any hints.

Players are also racing to beat the clock and earn all three stars – if players haven’t earned enough stars, future levels might not be open to them.

Tiltspace Android App Review

Overall, Tiltspace is an ideal game for the thinkers and puzzle-solvers among us and we particularly enjoyed playing it.

Appearance and Layout

Tiltspace has an interesting appearance with its use of tiles and odd-3D(ish) characters that don’t entirely mesh with the tiles. The spinning portals also have an odd feel to them where they don’t really seem to fit with the other tiles.

The layout of Tiltspace is similar to most other puzzle games with a Settings icon, a hint icon, and a brief menu screen.

The main world map shows the required amount of stars per level and the total points earned in an easily discernable font.


Tiltspace is free on the Google Play Store and is about 36 MB to install. Tiltspace can be addicting and time consuming but we loved playing it and we found it to be one of the better Android puzzle games.

downloadTiltspace requires Android 4.0.3 and up.

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