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Scavenger Your Way Across the Planet with Space Labyrinth

Scavenger Your Way Across the Planet with Space Labyrinth

Space Labyrinth (demo)
Price: Free
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Reviewed by Philip Chan

Space Labyrinth is a top-notch new game that will not disappoint. It features never ending mazes, battles with alien enemies, and hours of challenging and fun entertainment.


The main goal of the Space Labyrinth game, developed by alv90, is to collect all the crystals that are located all over the planet terrain.

Once you have gathered all the crystals possible in a specific area, you are then permitted to move to the next area of the planet.

A crystals scanner is made available on the upper left hand corner of your app screen so you can determine what range you are of crystals nearby.

The closer you are to the crystals the more red the scanner will turn. During your collecting you will encounter and battle enemy aliens that will try to prevent you from completing your quest.

The “Help” menu feature will also show how you do certain actions during the game such as shooting down aliens, driving your vehicle, and saving your current status point in the game so you don’t have to redo the same level you already completed.

Appearance and Layout

Space Labyrinth Android App Review

Space Labyrinth Android Game

Space Labyrinth may have simplistic graphics, but don’t let its simplicity fool you into thinking that it is a super easy  game to complete.

With its continuous mazes, and random enemy aliens that come out to target you, this game is a thrill ride from the beginning.

The actions might take some getting used to for newcomers, but after a few rounds, players who stick with it will be richly rewarded. They’ll start to master it and the real fun begins.

The game also has some catchy background music and sound effects that get you hyped up while playing the game. You can choose to turn off and on the sounds through the apps’ “Options” menu.


Space Labyrinth is free to download, and you have the option to upgrade the game for an additional fee if you want to play more.

It’s a fun game for players of all ages, and does not require any special set of skills to achieve the game goals.

Any person who has an interest in scavenger hunts or role playing type games would find Space Labyrinth very entertaining.

Space Labyrinthspace4 requires Android 2.3 and up. 

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