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Virtual Periodic Table is a Must-Have for Chemistry Students

Virtual Periodic Table is a Must-Have for Chemistry Students

Virtual Periodic Table
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Reviewed by John Chau

Reviewed by John Chau

Virtual Periodic Table is perfect for anyone interested in the periodic table of elements. This app is so good it’s worth buying an Android device just to use it.

Developed by Suehr Solutions, the Virtual Periodic Table is splendid for having an easily accessible database of the elements at your fingertips.


Virtual Periodic Table features an impressive and interactive way to view the elements in a much better style than that of old Dmitri Mendeleev, the creator of the traditional periodic table.

Think of the Virtual Periodic Table as a personal Wiki for each element, with most of the info directly accessible via the app.

Every tap by the user brings up more information about each specific element, and another subsequent tap brings up its Physical Properties, Atomic Properties, Electromagnetic Properties, Thermodynamic Properties, Reactivity Information, and Nuclear Properties, all in a simple and easy-to-read style.

Users can easily search for specific elements if they can’t find what they’re looking for. Plus, users can also use the built-in Water Solubility table that gives a quick reference for a variety of compounds and the Reactivity Table, both of which are easy to scroll and view.

Virtual Periodic Table Android App

Overall, Virtual Periodic Table is a great app for using the Periodic Table of Elements.

Appearance and Layout

Virtual Periodic Table is set on a dark background with varying hue of colors signify each of the different groups and periods.

Users can change to a light background, but that can make the table itself too hard to read. We found that if it seems too dark to read what it says, try increasing your device’s brightness levels.

We liked that the high quality images used for each element (visible when tapped on) add much more depth to the table than most other periodic tables, and that the overall appearance seems quite smooth and well designed.

The layout of the Virtual Periodic Table is essentially the same as all periodic tables of elements, although we liked its horizontal orientation better than its vertical orientation since we didn’t have to scroll to view the whole periodic table.

Overall, both the layout and appearance of the Virtual Periodic Table are spectacular and we loved how simple it was to use.


Virtual Periodic Table is free on the Google Play Store and it’s size varies per device. There are a variety of in-app purchases that users can make, ranging from $0.99 to $1.99 and are simply for different table themes and table fonts.

For those who use periodic tables often (e.g. students), the Virtual Periodic Table is an ideal app to have on your phone for quickly looking up elements.

download (1)Virtual Periodic Table requires Android 4.1 and up.

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