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Play & Learn Arabic With Antura & The Letters

Play & Learn Arabic With Antura & The Letters

Antura & the Letters (Arabic)
Price: Free
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Reviewed by John Chau

Reviewed by John Chau

Antura & the Letters is a fantastic language learning game app for teaching children Arabic.

Developed by Video Games Without Borders, Antura & the Letters teaches its users the standard Arabic alphabet and more through child-friendly games.


Antura & the Letters features a delightful way to learn the modern standard Arabic alphabet (100+ letters) through a variety of pronunciation lessons.

Antura & the Letters uses Antura, a friendly, tail-wagging, tongue-sticking-out animal, to take your child on an educational adventure, complete with six different types of worlds (mountains, islands, snow, villages, etc.).

It features 255 play sessions and 32 games that cover primary school curriculum, each unique and applicable to learning Arabic.  The app includes lessons that teach over 350 words and over 50 sentences.


Antura & the Letters Android App

Using 12 types of quizzes, it will help make sure the user is actually learning and hitting the benchmarks. Plus, there are 85 learning milestones that help the user stay on top of reaching his or her learning goals.

Another feature that Antura & the Letters has is that it gives the user the ability to customize Antura with 500+ combinations of items. Antura & the Letters also does not require any sort of internet or data to play, so users can play it anywhere!

Overall, we found Antura & the Letters to be an incredible app designed for teaching children ages 5-10 who are unable to attend formal education. It’s a free, easy-to-use, and attractive way to learn to read Arabic.

We also found it to be a great app for just about anyone to use who wants to learn Arabic. Note: It helps tremendously if a user can already speak Arabic before using this app.  

Appearance and Layout

Antura & the Letters looks remarkable with 3-D graphics in a manner that is well-suited for Android devices. The colors are fairly pastel and there is a good contrast between the 3-D figures and the background.

The level of detail in this app is incredible and we wish that similar styles were available for learning other languages!

The layout of Antura & the Letters is fairly easy to understand, even if users don’t already speak Arabic, and the icons are universal which makes it a simple task of tapping on and selecting whatever needs to be selected.

Overall, the layout and appearance of Antura & the Letters is a step up above other language learning apps and it fits the perfect niche of appealing to both children and adults by being a tremendously crafted app that takes the bore out of the chore of language learning.


Antura & the Letters is free to download from the Google Play Store, and it does require a fair amount of space to download (although size varies with device).

The value of Antura & the Letters is great, not just because it’s all for free, but because the app itself is such a valuable tool for both teaching and learning Arabic in any environment.

For an app that delivers exactly what it promises to do (teach a primary school level of Arabic literacy), Antura & the Letters should be on every Arabic-learner’s Android device.

download (1)Antura & the Letters requirements vary with devices.

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